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… I do Not Often Agree with Politifact [on ObamaCrapCare whopper] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. but , in this case , I do .

.. How POTUS could have gotten himself caught in this megawhopper is beyond me . He had to know that the developing policy would not allow him to keep his promise .

.. ” If You Want to Keep Your Doctor , You can . Period . ” Jeezus , to be honest , it is not just the Whopper of the Year . It is the MegaWhopper of the Decade . The ObamaCraps should have known better . Once they knew that they could not keep this promise , or others like it , they should have changed course , and quick . They should not have lied through their teeth the way that they did …

.. [link] — video of Politifact ‘ s ” Lie of the Year . ”


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