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… Earth to States [Religious Liberty] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 6th,2013

.. people ‘ s First Amendment rights to religious liberty outweight those of the creation of a ” Human Rights Commission . “

.. people do not forfeit their 1st Amendment rights when , for example , they go into business . They have a right to choose to uphold their religious principles when they choose not to serve so – called ” gay ” couples . The case that I am following is that of Masterpiece Cakeshop , a business in (I think) Boulder , Colorado . The Colorado state commision governing this case is threatening to impose crippling fines on Jack Phillips (the owner) if he continues to refuse to serve so – called ” same – sex ” couples .

.. These ” gay ” couples can get their products and services elsewhere , in particular , florists and cakeshops who do not wish to associate themselves with so – called ” gay ” weddings . These ” weddings ” are nothing of the kind , and judicial doctrine does not allow a ” human rights ” code to impose a duty to serve on these folks .

.. These folks do not believe in so – called ” gay ” marriages , or anything of the sort . They believe that marriage is the holy covenant , the act of coupling in between one man and one woman . In their case , no state ” human rights commission  ” can redefine those rights , or deny one ‘ s Constitutional rights .

.. The ” human rights ordinance ” (cover for non – discrimination against gays and lesbians , as well as ” same – sex ” couples) does not , repeat , not outweigh the constitutional rights of others .

.. Please try to remember that …

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