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… No , Oprah , It is not (about Obama) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 17th,2013

.. it is not because he is a black man .

[link] — Oprah ‘ s video clip

.. It is because Obama is the worst President in American History . He thinks he is a political God . He is not . He is human , a failed man , an indecent man .

.. He has abused his power . He has used his executive discretion to rewrite laws in ways that he wants them to be rewritten . Because he cannot get his proposals through Congress , he takes it upon himself to make the change on his own . Which is against the U.S. Constitution . When he gets into a political jam (ie , ObamaCrapCare ‘ s failed rollout) , he makes administrative “fixes,” ones that even in small (or large) ways , fundamentally change the character of a law . The power to make such a change is one that a POTUS does not have . Oprah attacks people for opposing His Lordship ?

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… A Devastating Critique [POTUS and the Middle East] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 16th,2013

.. the ad is simple , direct , and is devastating .

.. His Lordship did not keep his word on ObamaCrapCare . So why would he keep his word on Israel or the Middle East ?

[link] — ad video here …

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… CBS does not Often Hit The Point [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 16th,2013

.. but , in this case , they do .

.. and How ! .. [link] here

.. this piece by the CBS Evening News puts a pretty good hammer on why His Lordship ‘ s proposed ” Administrative Fix ” is anything but what it is — a political face – saving measure , with little to no legal effect …

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… What is the E.P.A. thinking ?!?! [you have to see this to believe it] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. Fire Hydrants are for one thing . Fighting fires . Period .

.. It seems that the EcoSocialist Propaganda Agency is trying to pull a real loo – loo of a regulator  ‘ s boner on this one , folks . They are screwing over cities , counties , and numerous jurisdictions , not to mention the Fire Hydrant manufacturers , on this .

.. You may wonder , why ? Because of the risk of lead in the water that comes out from a fire hydrant . Huh ?  the risk of lead getting into the drinking water supply , of all things . You see the words that I highlighted ? Yea , the drinking water risk of lead .  Are these people nuts ?!?!

.. You know what happens when you use a fire hydrant ? The water comes out of it under heavy pressure . If you are at the business end of a fire hose , you will discover that . The hard way . Those things are used for drinking water ? Even when the hydrant is opened , sans hose , you get a bath , big time . Getting drinking water from it is hardly part of the equation . Getting a broken nose or a broken jaw usually is …

.. You should , if you want , read this Bloomberg News piece [link] . It explains the mess that the cities are in in more detail …

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… Sticker Shock Panic [ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. gee , these knuckleheads just might actually get that website working .[Doubtful !]

ABC correspondent Jake Tapper during a prime t...

… CNN ‘ s Jake Tapper … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. I know , I doubt it , too . Even if they did , those dummies know they have an even bigger problem . Sticker Shock . And how . It is one that those subsidies can only mask so much for so long . Even they are not all that much , and the sequester is limiting them to a certain level , and to a certain segment of the population . So , the geniuses in the ObamaCrap Administration are sweating bricks , big time .

.. Why ? Watch this video segment [link] from CNN ‘ s The Lead with Jake Tapper , and you will see why ….

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… It is That Simple , POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. you screwed up , you abused power , and you did things that you should not have done .

.. You are not a dictator . You are the President , one whose oath mandates that you ” take care that the laws be faithfully executed . ” Changing laws and giving administrative deference is one thing — it is (legally) called Chevron deference — but rewriting laws to make administrative changes , changing their  fundamental character , even in small ways , is wrong , very wrong .

..  Either ObamaCrapCare works , or it does not . My bet , and my evaluation is , that it will not …

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… Nice Pickup , Dr. Charles [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. this video clip [link] is Dr. Charles Krauthammer , appearing on Special Report with Bret Baier , as a part of the panel discussion .

.. he commented that it was political , done in order to give congressional DemoCraps cover (try , potential cover) from “panic mode” over the collapse in political and public support for ObamaCrapCare .

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… Obama is POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. not the First Dictator .

.. to be honest , right now , he is behaving a lot more like the First Dictator right now than POTUS . And that is scary . Our constitutional rights depend upond a constitutional system , one in which the President takes an Oath to “faithfully execute the law . ” Right now , Barack Obama is not doing that . Not even close . That should scare people . A lot .

.. to be honest , I am no wordsmith . I am just a tax accountant , a C.P.A. . I do my best to tell my story on my blog the best that I can . Someone who is far better and is far more accomplished a wordsmith , the MahaRushie , says it far better …

The Dictator, Joined in Progress

November 14, 2013


RUSH:  The president’s addressing the nation, ladies and gentlemen, on how he’s gonna play dictator again and fix his health care problem.  It was supposed to start exactly a half hour ago.  He just started three minutes ago, opening up on the Philippines.  He finished his remarks on the Philippines right as this program began.  So we’re gonna JIP it.  Here’s the president playing dictator.

OBAMA:  — the 1.5 million people.  Of those 1.5 million people, 106,000 of them have successfully signed up to get covered.  Another 396,000 have the ability to gain access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  That’s been less reported on, but it shouldn’t be.  Americans who are having a difficult time, who are poor, many of them working, may have a disability —

RUSH:  Folks, we know what he’s gonna propose here.  We’re just doing this because I know the affiliates want to carry this stuff, so — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — later today I’ll be in Ohio where Governor Kasich, a Republican, has expanded Medicare under the Affordable Care Act —

RUSH:  I can tell you what he’s gonna do.

OBAMA:  — 275,000 Ohioans will ultimately be better off because of it.  And if every governor followed suit, another 5.4 million Americans could gain access to health care next year.  So, the bottom line is in just one month, despite all the problems that we’ve seen with the website, more than 500,000 Americans could know the security of health care by January 1st.

RUSH:  And they’ve just been shafted based on what you’re gonna propose here in a minute.

OBAMA:  — and it’s significant.

RUSH:  Five hundred thousand is significant?

OBAMA:  That still leaves about one million Americans who successfully made it through the website, not qualified by insurance, but haven’t picked a plan yet.  And there’s no question that if the website were working as it’s supposed to, that number would be much higher —

RUSH:  No.

OBAMA:  — of people who’ve actually enrolled.

RUSH:  Not true.

OBAMA:  So that’s problem number one.

RUSH:  People are shocked at what they found there.

OBAMA:  Making sure the website is working the way it’s supposed to.  It’s gotten a lot better over the last few weeks than it was on the first day, but we’re working 24/7 to get it working for the vast majority of Americans.

RUSH:  Can I ask a question here?  Why would anybody believe what he says after the big lie about being able to keep — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — concerns Americans who receive letters from their insurers that they may be losing the plans they bought in the old individual market —

RUSH:  Yeah.

OBAMA:  — often because they no longer meet the law’s requirements to cover basic benefits like prescription drugs or doctors visits.  Now, as I indicated earlier, I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that, if they had a plan that they liked, they could keep it.  And to those Americans, I hear you loud and clear.  I said that I would do everything we can to fix this problem, and today I’m offering an idea that will help do it.  Already people who have plan that predate the Affordable Care Act can keep those plans if they haven’t changed.  That was already in the law.  That’s what’s called a “grandfather clause.”  It was included in the law.

RUSH:  Still continuing the lie, folks.  (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — to people whose plans have changed since the law took effect, and to people who bought plans since the law took effect.  So state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can’t be sold in their states, but the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014, and Americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan.  We’re also requiring insurers who extend current plans to inform their customers about two things: one, that protections — what protections these renewed plans don’t include.  Number two, that the marketplace offers new options with better coverage and tax credits that might help you bring down the costs.  So if you received one of these letters, I’d encourage you to take a look at the marketplace, even if the website isn’t working as smoothly as it should be for everybody yet —

RUSH:  There isn’t —

OBAMA:  — a plan comparison tool that lets you browse costs for new plans near you is working just fine.

RUSH:  Jeez.

OBAMA:  Now, this fix won’t solve every problem for every person, but it’s gonna help a lot of people. Doing more will require more work with Congress.  And I’ve said from the beginning I’m willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to fix problems as they arise.

RUSH:  He’s lying again.

OBAMA:  This is an example of what I was talking about.  We can always make this law work better.  It is important to understand, though, that the old individual market was not working well.  And it’s important that we don’t pretend that somehow that’s a place worth going back to.  Too often it works fine as long as you stay healthy.  It doesn’t work well when you’re sick.  So year after year Americans were routinely exposed to financial ruin or denied coverage due to minor preexisting conditions or dropped from coverage altogether even if they paid their premiums on time.  That’s one of the reasons we pursued this reform in the first place.  And that’s why I will not accept proposals that are just another brazen attempt to undermine or repeal the overall law and drag us back into a broken system.

We will continue to make the case, even the folks who choose to keep their own plans, that they should shop around in the new marketplace because there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to buy better insurance at lower cost.  So we’re gonna do everything we can to help the Americans who’ve received these cancellation notices, but I also want everybody to remember there are still 40 million Americans who don’t have health insurance at all.  I’m not gonna walk away from 40 million people who have the chance to get health insurance for the first time, and I’m not gonna walk away from something that has helped the cost of health care grow at its slowest rate in 50 years.  So we’re at the opening weeks of the project to build a better health care system for everybody, a system that will offer real financial security and peace of mind to millions of Americans.

It is a complex process.  There are all kinds of challenges.  I’m sure there will be additional challenges that come up.  And it’s important that we’re honest and straightforward in terms of when we come up with a problem with these reforms and these laws that we address them.  But we’ve gotta move forward on this.  It took a hundred years for us to even get to the point where we could start talking about and implementing a law to make sure everybody’s got health insurance.  And my pledge to the American people is that we’re gonna solve the problems that are there, we’re gonna get it right, and the Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.  So with that I’m gonna take your questions —

RUSH:  All right, we’re not gonna listen to questions because all of this is gobbledygook.  Greetings, my friends, and welcoming.  Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute, Advanced Conservative Studies.  Great to have you here.  Through all of that gobbledygook, let me try to translate what you just heard.  You would never know it, if you just listened to all that gobbledygook, you would never know that what Obama is doing is postponing the requirements that are forcing cancellations of your policies until after the elections.

He’s doing two things:  He’s telling the insurance companies, as a dictator would, what they can and can’t do or what they must or must not do, or what they have to and don’t have to do.  He is suggesting, for purely political purposes, that if you have your plan now and you like it, you can keep it for one more year so that you don’t get any angrier at Democrats than you are now and vote against them next November.

If your plan has been canceled, he has just ordered the insurance company to make it available to you, so that you can go back and get that plan.  The problem is that that plan was canceled precisely because it conflicts with his law, with Obamacare.  So he has declared war against the insurance companies here and is making it veritably impossible for them to do business.  This is purely political.

All of this gobbledygook is designed to make everybody think that somebody else came along and canceled your plan and he’s going to come to the rescue now and give you your plan back, but just for a year — and he reiterated the original lie.  He told you that when he told you that you could keep your plan “unless there’s a change in it.” He never said “unless there’s a change in it,” so he’s continuing the first lie — well, the second lie to cover the first lie — with this announcement today.

So essentially, this probably also serves the purpose of preempting the Upton bill in the House of Representatives, which we talked about yesterday as a potential trap for the Republicans, and there is a lot to wade through.  Folks, this an absolute swamp now.  It is an absolute disaster, and it’s also a minefield.  This is all anybody needs to know that government has no business doing any of this.  This, today, is an admission of abject failure in the president’s quest to actually destroy constitutional government.

Well, no, he’s not failing at that.  He’s actually succeeding at that.  What he’s trying to do here is just speed the process to get to the point where the government is the only provider of health insurance and health coverage.  That’s his ultimate aim, and all of this chaos is designed to speed that process.  What the president’s actually trying to do here is subvert democracy, in my opinion, with all of these mandates.

I want to take you back. Listen to something that I said on this program back on October 30th — just a couple of weeks ago, essentially.  I was talking about Obama and Obamacare, and Obama was making changes in it willy-nilly, and he was talking about how much he cared for people, and I was asking, “Well, why doesn’t he play dictator the other way?” And today he did.  So listen to this.  It runs about a minute and a half, but it is explanatory unto itself.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  If Obama is gonna go out now and play dictator, let’s realize he could play dictator in any direction he wants to go.  If he has the power to deny you your grandfathered plan, the one you liked and the one you were told you could keep, and if Obama didn’t know all of this was going on and he didn’t know all of these problems with the website, and if Obama really cares about being truthful and honest with you, then maybe Obama can play dictator and re-grandfather your plan.

If he can play dictator and take it away from you, then he can play dictator and fix it, I assume. If he’s gonna play dictator, if he’s gonna pretend the law is subject to his whims, then let’s all realize that he’d have the power to restore millions of health insurance policies by waiving that’s new Obamacare regulations, which is forcing insurance companies to cancel policies. … Well, he loves you, he has compassion for you, cares about the little guy.  Why doesn’t he get mad at all these people being canceled and go in there and fix it?

If he can play dictator and take things away, why can’t he play dictator and give ’em back?  Why doesn’t he fix it?  He knows people are being canceled in the hundreds of thousands.  Why doesn’t he fix it, if he really cares about you?  He told us if Congress didn’t give him everything he wanted he would simply do it himself.  Obama has said, again, folks — and we’ve played the sound bite — “Well, if Congress won’t do it, I’ll just go in, I’ll take care of it myself.”

RUSH:  So here he is doing it today, playing dictator the other way, reinstating your canceled plan, but just for a year.  But it isn’t gonna be that easy.  Your plan is gone.  And, by the way, he didn’t say anything about your getting your old premium back.  Who knows what the reinstated plan’s gonna cost you.  Remember, he’s doing this not because he cares about you.  He’s not doing this because he’s upset you’ve lost your plan.

He’s doing this because he’s losing the media, and he’s losing his fellow Democrats, and he’s losing the proposition. This is a purely political move today disguised as typical Democrat Party compassion.  “I’m worried to death about you losing your plan.  How could this have happened?”  He’s gonna blame the insurance companies, and if the Republicans aren’t careful, they’re gonna make that policy.

He’s gonna blame governors; he’s gonna blame all kinds of outsiders and invisible people for making this happen.  He’s riding in today as the white knight, playing dictator.  The thing that I want to remind everybody is that I thought it was settled law.  I thought it was the law of the land.  I thought back when Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and others were saying, “Look, let’s just delay this whole thing,” or “let’s just defund it and repeal it,” we couldn’t because it was the law of the land.

Remember all those angry lectures that Obamacare was settled law? The Democrats said, “It’s the law of the land. You can’t change it.” Well, so much for that.  So much for the rule of law. So much for constitutional republicanism.  Now we have the president playing dictator the other way to save his party’s bacon and to save his dream of government-run socialized medicine.  This is where we are, and the Republicans had better talk about this honestly.

This is not how things happen in a free country.  What is happening is wrong. All it adds up to is why this mess should be repealed and gotten rid of.  It is only gonna get worse.  How can we…? You know the big question is, given how frequently and how easily Obama lies, why do we even believe this today?  Why do we even believe this?  You know, there’s a bunch of people that also have to act and make this happen.

He’ll sit up there and play dictator and wave his magic wand and say, “I’m gonna give your policy back.”  Well, there’s a bunch of people in the insurance business here who now are gonna have to go back and say, “Gee, what do we do now?  I mean, we’re complying with one part of the law; now he’s saying we don’t have to. What do we charge for this?”  And what about the people that are gonna get their cancellation notices at work starting next year?

Oh, it’s just an abject mess and the chaos will play out to his advantage.  The more chaos, the more there will be calls to “fix it, to fix it, to fix it,” and the simple solution, it will be said, is, “Look, let’s just put one guy in charge of this. Let’s put the president in charge of it and be done with all this.  We’ll close the exchanges! We don’t want those anyway.”  He really doesn’t want the exchanges, folks, when you get down to brass tacks.

I mean, they’re just placeholders designed to make it look like it’s something that it’s not in this whole health care plan.  So we’ve had a series of time bombs here and the president determines when each one detonates, and that can’t stand.  You can’t run a country this way.  Simply can’t.  This bomb needs to be defused.  We’ve had enough explosions. There’s been enough damage and collateral damage, enough to know that we don’t need to any more.

This thing just needs to be shut down.  It is incompetent, it is impossible, it is amateurish, it is beneath this country to have something like this happen with something that is so important and so crucial to so many people, to have it bounced around as a political ping-pong ball, which is what’s happening.


RUSH:  So the fantasy continues.  The fantasy.  The fantasy that you can have the health care you want, it doesn’t cost you anything or much at all, and that if you ever get sick, you’re gonna get well immediately. It’s gonna all be handled and it’s never, ever gonna be a problem for anybody again.  The fantasy continues.  By the way, I just listened a bit more of Obama. He said, “You know, I wasn’t the only one that made that promise.

“A bunch of people up on Congress told you you’d keep your plan, too.”  That is just… That’s first grade kind of excuses. That’s Bart Simpson.  “I didn’t do it, you didn’t see me do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!”  He’s up there saying, “Yeah, there were 10 or 12 other people on Capitol Hill making the same promise.  We all had our good intentions here.”

This is such a disaster, folks.  The original problem with this remains.  We have president of the United States who thinks that he can compel people to go buy something.  He thinks that he can compel people to go use something, even something they don’t want.  If they don’t buy it, they’re gonna get fined or penalized.  He goes so far as to deny what they want.

If they don’t go get what he wants them to have  — i.e., having their policies canceled.  This outrageous.  This is so un-American, this whole thing, and now what’s the “fix”?  The fix is for this guy to play dictator again and now command or compel the insurance companies to run their business the way he wants them to for the next year is that his part won’t be hurt in the elections next November.

This isn’t America, folks.


.. LEC again — Thanks , Rush !! ..

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… It is not being an Introvert that is the Problem [with POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. it is his lack of familiarity with the truth that is .

.. It never fails. Whenever a president’s approval ratings tank, out come the deep think pieces about how the president’s

Calvin Coolidge, President of the United State...

Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States of America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

personality flaws explain his political dilemma and ours. POTUS , it seems , does not enjoy schmoozing, small talk and pressing the flesh. And that, according to Purdum, has something to do with why Americans have soured on his scandal-wracked, power-abusing, blunder-prone presidency.

Obama’s “resolute solitude — his isolation and alienation” from other Washington players — is “his greatest weakness.”

Purdum’s not the first to lay this charge. The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd periodically wails that Obama acts like “President Spock” instead of being our “feeler-in-chief.” And, “he’s an introvert,” says Game Change author John Heilemann, and that’s why he’s in trouble.

.. It is a common tale — and as a congenital introvert , I am sick of it . Obama is a terrible president , but, contra media types , that has got nothing to do with his “penchant for solitude.” Extroverts : Do Not Even think of trying to hang this on us .

.. As Jonathan Rauch explained in his classic 2003 Atlantic article, “Caring for Your Introvert,” introverts are not necessarily antisocial or misanthropic — we’re people who are wired to enjoy solitude and need it to recharge after social interaction. And, dammit, we’re “among the most misunderstood and aggrieved groups in America.” Introversion, Rauch wrote, is “not a choice. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s an orientation.”

.. In that light, the common media argument is so incoherent and self-contradictory, it’s hard not to suspect him of rank “lonerphobia.” He asks, “were Obama’s aides too afraid to tell him” about tapping Angela Merkel’s cellphone or the problems with

.. There is no single convincing example of what victories more backslapping, jawboning and congressional “beer summits” would have delivered to the president . When you find yourself writing sentences like, “it’s hard to imagine that Obama did not do himself at least some real harm in September by abruptly canceling the annual congressional picnic at the White House,” it might be time to reevaluate your argument.

In his influential 1972 book, The Presidential Character, political scientist James David Barber argued that we should pick presidents by their personality type.

The “active-positive” president — the ideal voters should seek — tackles the job with manic energy and zest, and “gives forth the feeling that he has fun in political life.”

The “passive-negative” sees the office as a matter of stern duty, and his “tendency is to withdraw.” Among Barber’s “active-positives” were crusading meddlers like FDR, Truman and JFK; his “passive-negatives” included the Cincinnatus-like figures Washington, Eisenhower and the under-appreciated Calvin Coolidge, who cut taxes, shrank spending and delivered peace and prosperity.

.. Introverts  can make good presidents. Obama ’ s current predicament stems in large part from his lack of acquaintance with the truth . This one is a personality flaw that has nothing to do with his sometimes solitary nature .

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… You Cannot “Un Ring the Bell ? [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. What is POTUS thinking ? [on ObamaCrapCare] ..

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. POTUS made an executive move on ObamaCrapCare , today .

.. to be rather blunt , I am not sure that he even has the authority to do it .

.. He does not understand the private sector , at all . That is not surprising , considering the current First Idiot never once held a job in the private sector . One that made a payroll . Dealt with the government on regulations and their effect . and Many other  things …

.. You cannot “un ring the bell . ”

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… on John F. Kennedy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. may God in Heaven Bless you , Mr. President .

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Ov...

English: John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Was John Kennedy a liberal ?

.. As we know it now , no . Anyone who had been through the competition of the Kennedy family wars , Harvard , and World War II would most likely not be a modern liberal . Not even close . Kennedy was not only pro – civil rights , but also an internationalist in foreign affairs . Not to mention a strong position on defence . JFK was no wuss , unlike the current First Wuss .

.. Was JFK a conservative ? Not quite . But close . Being a strong supply side economics tax cutter , before the term had been invented , certainly got him started on the road . Especially from where the tax rates were when Kennedy got started . A marginal tax rate (at a high point) of 90 % . Wow .

… more to come …

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… Brought to You by the Idiots who brought you #Brosurance …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 13th,2013

.. you would think that this stuff could not get any worse .

.. You would be wrong .

.. Now these idiots are bringing you something worse . Much worse .

[h/t —] (thanks , Michele Malkin !!)

.. #Hosurance .

.. How gross .

.. This one ad says it all how stupid it is ….

... how sick is this ...

… how sick is this …

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… I have heard of Sick , but This [#Brosurance] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 13th,2013

.. is waaaaay beyond the pale .

.. What do they call it ? Believe it or not , they have even invented a new term to describe it …

.. stupid , don't you think ..

.. stupid , don’t you think ..

.. Brosurance .

.. How sick is this .


.. The progressive groups in Colorado are using ads like this to market OCC to the young , the restless , and the idiotic . I can just imaging the howls of laughter , interjected with the screams of outrage at the perversion , the disgust , and the waste of taxpayers ‘ money . Believe you me , there is more to come .

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… Boy Blunder is at it Again [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

.. I am talking about Jay Carney , White House Press Secretary , er Propaganda Minister .

English: Jay Carney giving a press briefing.

… JayBoy looking like an Idiot … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Can you believe the crap [link] that these idiots are peddling . They are attempting what in the political trade is a prebuttal . They want to get out in front of the bad news , and get out the bad news themselves , first . They just do not want to do it , unless they are absolutely forced to do so .

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… Nasty [Project Veritas strikes again] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

… thank you National Review (and John Fund) . Of course , Thank You (Big Time) Project Veritas and James O ‘ Keefe ! …

[link] — the link is to the video embedded inside of John Fund ‘ s piece . It is provided , of course , by O ‘ Keefe . I would say that there will be much , much more of this to come .

.. I cannot tell the story better than a masterful wordsmith like John Fund can . So , here is a piece of the article [h/t — National Review] …

There’s much more in the video, which O’Keefe hints will not be his last. Left unexplored is how so many navigators nationwide were hired without any background checks required. While Texas and some other states have passed requirements of their own, the absence of such checks at the federal level was acknowledged by HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week. She was asked by Texas senator John Cornyn if “a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them.”

“It’s possible,” was Secretary Sebelius’s less-than-comforting reply.

Michael Astrue served as commissioner of Social Security until earlier this year, and in the 1990s served as general counsel for HHS. He wrote in The Weekly Standard last month that he is genuinely frightened of the lax security surrounding the Obamacare website, and the fact that navigators will access the federal data hub to help people enroll:

HHS opened the door to large-scale fraud by providing funding for tens of thousands of “navigators”—people who are supposed to persuade the uninsured to apply for coverage and then assist them in the application process. Instead of hiring well-screened, well-trained, and well-supervised workers, HHS decided to build political support for the Affordable Care Act by pouring money into supportive organizations so they could launch poorly trained workers into their communities without obtaining criminal background checks or creating systems for monitoring their activities.

As a practical matter, these navigators are unaccountable, and yet they will be asking people for Social Security numbers and other sensitive information. It will not take long for navigators to become predators, and HHS has no plan to deal with the new breed of predators it is creating. The somnolent HHS inspector general has been silent about this scheme that will inflict widespread fraud and identity theft on vulnerable Americans.

Finally, we should all remember that the Minnesota exchange illegally disclosed the Social Security numbers of 2,400 of its state’s citizens 18 days before its exchange opened for business. With HHS’s convoluted patchwork of contractors, including the data centers of “the cloud,” tens of thousands of people have now gained access to our personal data.

In Texas, some of those people work for Local 100 United Labor Unions, a New Orleans group run by ACORN founder Wade Rathke. Local 100 is a “sub-grantee” providing navigators for the Southern United Neighborhoods group, which received a $600,678 grant to promote Obamacare enrollment. It also received a $270,193 grant for similar work in Arkansas and a $486,123 grant for Louisiana, also as a “sub-grantee.” Marcel Reid, a former dissident board member of ACORN who broke with the group in 2008 over its questionable practices, told me earlier this year, “ACORN is forming new groups under new mismanagement, and if Wade Rathke is involved in any of them, it spells trouble.”

Many of the Navigator problems uncovered in O’Keefe’s videos and by other media outlets could have been predicted, given the propensity of Obama World to associate with highly ideological and often administratively sloppy “community organizers.” Last Friday, the Washington Post ran a piece by Ed Rogers, a former top deputy in the 1988 George H. W. Bush campaign, entitled “Six Reasons Obamacare Will Get Worse for Democrats.” One reason leaps out:

Navigators. If you liked ACORN, you’ll love the Obamacare Navigators. I’m sure there will be good, sincere people who really want to help people navigate the Obamacare maze. But there will be enough bad apples employed as navigators to supply plenty of scary anecdotes and weird encounters that will result in a steady ridicule of the overall program. And there will no doubt be activists with hidden cameras ready to capture a few creepy and outrageous encounters that will grab everybody’s attention and make voters even more skeptical of Obamacare.

The law’s problems are coming from more sides than a pentadecagon. But one of the most serious things undermining its credibility is the Obama administraion’s seemingly complete indifference to corruption within one of the key groups tasked with its implementation. We’ll have to see just how much worse it gets .

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… At Least Someone Comes Clean [ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

.. Nancy Pelosi must be pissed . .

.. One of her “cats” got off of the reservation . This character was most definitely off script . Also , the ObamaCrap White House will not like it one bit .

.. Representative Kurt Schrader [D-Or] evidently was on some type of tv interview , when he most definitely went “off script .” The DemoCrap Congresscritters are ideally supposed to stick to a “script,” with prepared “talking points.” Once in a while , though , things happen . And , once in a blue moon , you actually get blunt honest , even from a DemoCrap … [link] here .

… further text …

“Very misleading,” the Democratic congressman says of Obama’s promise that you can keep your health care plan, if you like it.

“I think next year at the election time, people are going to want to know, was I able to sign up? And what is the shape of the benefit package I’m going to get and how much is it going to cost me, at the end of the day? I think this will, the sign-up period and problems and the horrendous problems that are going on right now will be way in the past.

“I think the president was grossly misleading to the American public. I know right away as a veterinarian, I have my own business, that my policies got cancelled even before the Affordable Care Act. I know that I would change policies on a regular basis, trying to find the best deal for myself and my employees. But a lot of Americans, a lot of Oregonians, have stayed with the same policy for a number of years and are shocked that their policy got cancelled.

“So I think the president saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get cancelled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with health care.”

Schrader also accused White House press secretary Jay Carney of “double talk” for also misleading on Obamacare.

.. LEC again — I wonder how much hot water this guy is going to be in .This video and these clips are going to be as valuable as gold in next year ‘ s campaign . Schrader himself is going to find out about that , the hard way

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… POTUS get a nudge on ObamaCrapCare

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

.. from Wilhelm der Fibmeister ?

.. Here is the link [link1] to part of an interview that former President Bill clinton did with . Whoever that is , I do

English: Official White House photo of Preside...

… Bill Clinton , aka Wilhelm der Fibmeister … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not know . Take for granted that it i is a fairly favourable interview  for Obama . No big shock ,  tthhere . But the real headlinker that comes out of this interview is that Clinton believes that POTUS should allow poeple to keep their health insurance policies , while grandfatherd , as is .

.. I will guess that this interview is going to cause the ObamaCraps a  fair bit of grief . Good . Those idiots deserve it . They have been so bloody arrogant about all of this health  insurance reform debate , now that the rollout itself has been a complete disaster . Nice going , dumb – dumbss !

related articles

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… ObamaCrapCare — the Yin and the Yang of Skewering HHS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

… Her Royal Highness (HHS Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius) was at it again , in public , in front of Congress .

.. This time , she tried pulling her act in front of the Senate . Unluckily for her , she was in front of the Finance Committee . The Senate Finance Committee is one of the most evenly divided committees that there is , which is bad enough for the DemoCraps . Even worse , the chairman of the committee is Max Baucus , of Montana . You may wonder why that is such a big deal ?

.. you want to see her Royal Highness get skewered , in public , by senior members ? … I thought that you would . Here are links to comments made by Senate Finance Chairman [Max Baucus] of Montana , and ranking Member [Orrin Hatch] of Utah .

.. Baucus is a moderate , especially in comparison to the loonies in the Senate DemoCrap leadership , such as tricky Dick Durbin and Dingy Harry Reid . Baucus is also pro – tax cut , contrary to most of his party . Most of them are a bunch of tax increase – hungry maniacs . Baucus is not . Baucus is also the author of the ObamaCrapCare legislation . If anyone understands what is going on in that monstrosity of a power grab , it would be Baucus . If anyone understands how badly the implementation of the ObamaCrapCare bill is going , he would know . These are not the only things .

.. Baucus is from Montana , a Red State . If anyone in the Senate DemoCrap caucus understands how big a mess things are right now , it is likely to be someone like a veteran like Max Baucus . Also , Baucus is retiring at the end of his current term , and his seat is likely to be filled by a conservative Republican . Baucus knows it . His retirement , his seniority , and his knowledge of the bill give him a particular level of insight on the bill that many of his Senate colleagues (on both sides of the isle) do not have .

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… How Rich (ObamaCrapCare getting roasted at the Country Music Awards) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

.. the musicians are two folks that I know of fairly well : Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood . However , you do not think of


… Brad Paisley …(Photo credit: asterix611)

them as being political animals . I do not . Yet , Wow ! You have to see this video from this year ‘ s Country

Music Awards to believe what really happened …

[link] — this is the link to the video …

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… Elections 2013 [NYC] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

English: City council member Bill De Blasio sp...

.. mayor – elect Bill de Blasio .. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. well , Bill de Blasio won in a walkover .

.. but , it is the citizens of New York City that lost on Tuesday .

.. They elected a community organizer , er , communist agitator , to be their next mayor . They really want a mega – left wing loonie in Gracie Mansion ? I find that kind of hard to believe .

.. But they have . The voters of N.Y.C. are going to have to live with the choice that they have made …

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… Elections 2013 [Cleveland — Mayor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

.. I know , I know , talking about this more localized stuff can drive folks nuts . Unlike some other big cities (Detroit , in

Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, at th...

… Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, Ohio … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

bankruptcy) , or New York City (in moral bankruptcy) , Cleveland is at least facing up to its problems and is attempting to deal with them . Not always successfully , mind you . But , these folks are trying .

.. Clevelanders re – elected Frank Jackson to a well – earned third term as mayor . He may not have been an advocate of the casino gambling issue , but he grabbed ahold of it , and put it to use . The Caesars Palace casino is , unlike the other 3 Ohio casinos , being used for ecnomic development , and as an economic driver of such . It was used to revedevop two prime pieces of real estate , and is the base for the development of a third . He was the quaterback of the effort to finance and build the new Medical Merchandise Mart . Not bad for a little heralded city councilman from the Near East Side

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… Elections 2013 [Virginia] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

.. well , Terry McAuliffe finally won a race .

.. Barely . He nearly blew it .

.. Ken Cuccinelli ran a crappy early race , got out – fundraised , and out – hustled . Yet , he was still in the race . He locked in

Ken Cuccinelli (R)

Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on a “winning” message . Unfortunately , not soon enough . He ran out of time to bring the race home .

.. It does not mean that Ken Cuccinelli does not have a future . He most definitely does have one . He just has to do it differently , next time . Also , he needs to jump on things right out of the box , next time .

.. McAuliffe will do damage . A pretty fair bit of damage . But only so much . A chief executive can do a lot , but only so much . Especially in a state where the GOP controls the Virginia Supreme Court , and the Virginia House [the House of Delegates , that is] . The GOP has overwhelming control of the House of Delegates , by nearly 61 seats , to 39 . Ouch .

.. The DummyCraps technically control the Virginia Senate . the state Senate is tied 20-20 , but the tie is broken by the tie – breaking vote of the Lietenant – Governor , who will soon be a loonie leftie . The GOP should strike , and reach out to 1 or more of the moderate dems while the irons are hot .  The sooner the strike , the better .

.. In the next mid – term elections , courtesy of redistricting , the GOP is likely to pick up anywhere from 3 to 4 , to as many as 5 seats in the Virginia Senate . What happens after that , is anyone ‘ s guess …

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… Elections 2013 [New Jersey] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

.. well , Chris Christie won , and in a blowout .

.. He did very , very well in many demographics . Across the board . Women . Jews . Hispanics . Others . Even narrowed the

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

… Chris Christie , the re – elected Governor of New Jersey … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GOP deficits in the New Jersey House and in the New Jersey Senate .

.. Now , the speculation begins for 2016 . Can Christie win a 2016 general election ? You bet your boots he can . He can bring New Jersey and Delaware along , include Pennsylvania , and also put New York and Connecticut into play . It puts one hell of a dent into the DemoCraps ‘ playground .

.. You can also include potentially putting California into play . Potentially . If he can put New York into play , and grab New Jersey , along with Pennsylvania , California is possibly gettable . Expensive , yes . But gettable .

.. Christie now has an added year at his back . He has been re – elected (overwhelmingly , no less) , and can go out on the campaign trail , and collect chits from other candidates . He can stake out his positions before the presidential primary season , and can promote what he believes in , by who he chooses to support . From that , he can benefit quite a bit . We shall see …

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… ObamaCrapCare : He is Not Sorry …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 7th,2013

.. He is only sorry that he got caught with a piece of crap product Edsel . Not only that , but his fellow DemoCraps are pissed as

English: Barack Obama speaking at a rally at t...

… POTUS , being an idiot ! … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hell at him for it .

.. POTUS is trying to massage the media to deal with the political fallout from the ObamaCrapCare debacle . Does anyone really believe him ? I certainly do not . He is trying to manipulate the situation , at least until the techies can bring the ObamaCrapCare website up to some kind of reasonable level of functionality . Right now , that seems highly unlikely , anytime soom …

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… ObamaCrapCare — Special Treatment Time (Again?) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 7th,2013

.. it seems that the Unionistas are going to get even more special treatment from the ObamaCrap Administration .

…[h/t– KaiserHealthNews] …

Labor Unions May Get Health Law Tax Relief

Jay Hancock
Nov 6th , 2013

Weeks after denying labor’s request to give union members access to health-law subsidies, the Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt some union plans from one of the law’s substantial taxes.

Buried in rules issued last week is the disclosure that the administration will propose exempting “certain self-insured, self-administered plans” from the law’s temporary reinsurance fee in 2015 and 2016.

That’s a description that applies to many Taft-Hartley union plans acting as their own insurance company and claims processor, said Edward Fensholt, a senior vice president at Lockton Cos., a large insurance broker.

Union member rally near the U.S. Capitol in Washington in May 2010 (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images).

Insurance companies and self-insured employers that hire outside claims administrators would still be liable for the fee, which starts at $63 per insurance plan member next year and is projected to raise $25 billion over three years.

Unions, a key Obama ally, have increasingly criticized the Affordable Care Act as threatening the generous medical plans held by many members.

Eliminating the reinsurance fee was one of several resolutions adopted at the AFL-CIO’s September convention, along with giving union plans access to ACA tax credits for lower-income members.

In September the White House said the law disallowed health-law tax credits for union members on top of their company insurance. Now the administration seems to be moving toward part — but not all — of what labor wants on the reinsurance fee.

While it intends to waive the fee for 2015 and 2016, unions also wanted it scrapped for 2014, when it will be greatest. Taft-Hartley plans are collectively bargained and run jointly by unions and employers to allow workers to move from job to job without losing coverage.

The AFL-CIO did not respond to a request for comment.

Although it’s too early to tell whether the Department of Health and Human Services will give union plans all of what they want on the fee, last week’s language “is how HHS often breaks controversial regulatory news,” benefits lawyer R. Pepper Crutcher, Jr. wrote last week. It’s not known when the administration will put out a new regulation on reinsurance.

The reinsurance fee made a cameo appearance in the October debt-ceiling negotiations when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reportedly proposed delaying it for everybody until 2015. Republicans objected and the delay was not in the final deal.

The fee, scheduled to kick in next year, would shrink to $42 in 2015 and $26 in 2016, disappearing afterwards. It would help insurers absorb the cost of care for people with pre-existing illness enrolling in plans offered through subsidized marketplaces.

Both unions and business have criticized it as penalizing employer-sponsored health insurance to support plans bought directly from insurers.

The fee “takes money from the pockets of each laborer covered by a health and welfare fund and gives it to for-profit insurance companies,” Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers International Union of North America, wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama last summer.

A LIUNA spokesman declined to comment. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the White House did not respond to requests for comment.

.. LEC again here — amazingly enough , the ObamaCraps are trying to give their unions friends another payoff . Even this amount of money , times the number of members , across the multi – union and multi – employer plans , adds up to serious money .

.. The problem is that this move is patently illegal . It will be interesting to see who has standing to challenge it in court . My guess is that it would be a company that is involved in a current union dispute , especially one with a multi – employer or multi – union pension plan . They have the most to gain , and the unions in those plans have the most to lose …

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… Nice Going , Jay [Carney , at the Mike] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 6th,2013

.. Jay Carney really made an ass of himself today at the podium at the White House daily Press Briefing . Not only that , but he

English: Jay Carney, American journalist

… Jay Carney, White House Propaganda Minister … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

probably made himself quite a few enemies in the White House Press Corpse ..

.. you have to see it to believe it [link]

.. Amazing . Jon Karl is a media veteran , and is no political partisan . He is a veteran of C.N.N. , before going on to ABC . Going after Karl in a fashion such as this is going to backfire , and backfire badly on JayBoy Carney …

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… the MahaRushie skewers POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 6th,2013

.. boy , oh boy , does Obama ever deserve it .

.. Presidents have gotten away with quite a bit . Obama is no exception . But , what he has done with his megawhopper on his

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

ObamaCrapCare debacle is waaaay beyond the pale …

.. Today , on his show , Rush Limbaugh cooks POTUS but good …

The Biggest Presidential Lie in My Lifetime

November 5th , 2013


RUSH: It’s pathological. With Clinton it was (Clinton impression), “I never had sex with that woman, not a single time, never, and I never asked anybody to lie.” And that then became a controversy over the definition of “is.” Remember that? Depends on what “is” is. This is pathological. Obama is now saying he didn’t say what he said. Obama is now trying, by the way, if I can do this, he’s trying to implement the Limbaugh Theorem.This is the latest example of the very thing the Limbaugh Theorem described: The president pretending to fight against the snake oil that he created. The president pretending to be opposed to the very thing he created, meaning, “Oh, my God, I just now figured that people are losing their insurance and their doctors, and that was never the intention. We said that you wouldn’t lose it if your plan didn’t change.”Folks, it’s really bad. I mean, the media is saying, “I’ve been covering the guy five years, he never said that.” We got Ron Fournier of the National Journal: “Lying About Lies: Why Credibility Matters to Obama.” This story is devastating, even though he tries to help Obama in this thing, he’s trying to help him recover. People are flabbergasted out there over this. “The president is trying to reinvent the history of his you-can-keep-it promise on health care.” This is just incredible.

So let’s get started. By the way, telephone number, if you want to be on the program’s  800-282-2882 ; the e-mail address,

Here is Obama yesterday at an Organizing for America event.

OBAMA: Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law, and you really like that plan, what we said was, “You could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.” So we wrote into the Affordable Care Act, you’re grandfathered in on that plan. But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve gotta change it to a higher standard.

RUSH: It’s just not true, folks. He never, ever said it. Now, this tells me something, by the way. He knows what the law says on this now. The law does say that your plan is grandfathered, but if it changes an iota, if it changes by a nickel, if it changes in the slightest way, it’s gone, and you lose your grandfathered status. What he’s not telling anybody here is that Obamacare mandates the insurance companies to change these policies by mandating that they cover more, that they charge more. It was never going to be possible for you to keep your plan, is the bottom line, and that’s what he doesn’t know that he’s admitting here.

Don’t forget the news of last week and two weeks ago. The White House knew, remember, Lisa Myers, NBC News, uncovered this. They knew that Obama was gonna go out to lie. They put it on the teleprompter, they knew, and they made a calculated decision that it was better to lie about it to get the thing passed and then deal with the aftermath, which is what they’re doing now. They also knew, and it was in the Federal Register, 93 million Americans were gonna lose their policies. Ninety-three million Americans could not keep their insurance.

Ninety-three million Americans could not keep their doctor. They knew this. This was in the media last week and the week before. It was known that Obama was telling a falsehood, and it was a calculated plan to do just that. They thought that his goodwill that he had built up with his fans would sustain him through this and that he’d be able to handle the aftermath in typical Obama fashion: deny it, and then claim he didn’t know it, and that he’s looking out for you — i.e, the Limbaugh Theorem. But the media is having a tough time. I guess there’s even a limit for them.

Here’s the problem with this. These are lies. They are calculated purposeful lies. And this is really, really bad. This may be — and I’m not exaggerating and I’m not trying to do anything for effect here. This may be the biggest presidential lie in our lifetimes. I don’t know about things that happened when I wasn’t alive, previous presidents, so I’m not gonna say that it’s the biggest lie ever, but it certainly probably is the biggest presidential lie in my lifetime, and he knows it.

This isn’t, as I say, “I did not have sex with that woman, not a single time, never, and I never asked anybody to lie.” This is not “I didn’t bug those offices.” This is not, “I don’t know where those Rose Law Firm billing records came from. The Map Room, you’re saying?” Clinton lying under oath, the grand jury, that’s a bad presidential thing to do, but this is lying to the American people. This is lying about your relationship with your doctor about your health.

Now, the Democrat Party, I’d peg this back to the eighties. Remember, there was a Pennsylvania Senator by the name of Harris Wofford, and Harris Wofford got this whole health care thing going. He ratcheted it up by saying (paraphrasing), “Look, if the Constitution is gonna guarantee you a lawyer, then why doesn’t it guarantee you a doctor? If you get in trouble and you can’t afford a lawyer, one’s provided for you. Why doesn’t that happen in your health care?” And that got the ball rolling. Now, national health care’s always been a dream of the Democrat Party, and it’s always been a relevant thing. But it’s relatively new that people consider their health insurance the number one most important possession that they have.

For many people, psychologically, I mean, it has become more important than their house or their car or their flat screen, and it’s all because the Democrat Party has spent all of these years ratcheting this up and telling people and warning people they could go bankrupt, they’re one paycheck away from bankruptcy if they get sick. They’ve done such a great job of scaring people and creating a crisis out of poor health. I mean, getting sick now is a major crisis in people’s lives. It doesn’t require a catastrophe to make people paranoid.

The Democrat Party has made everyday health care a crisis by focusing on it as a political issue, by claiming that the Republicans and others don’t care about your health by making it the number one employee benefit and all of that. In people’s minds, they have made their health care the most important thing to them.

And now, having done that, they have changed the relationship between citizen and state regarding health care — and they have let everybody known that they, too, the Democrats, think that your health is the most important thing in the world. “We know it’s the most important thing to you and it’s the most important thing to us,” and now here comes Obama after ginning up all of this crisis and panic about everyday health care…

Snerdley, have I made my point here? I mean, health used to be important. Everybody wanted to be healthy and all. But in my lifetime, it has changed dramatically. Getting sick was never a crisis. It was not, “”Oh, my God, the end of the world!” People’s health insurance, it was not the most important thing to ’em. It’s not why they wanted to get a job. It wasn’t the most important thing. I’m telling you, the Democrats have politicized this to the point that I think people have an irrational attachment to it.

However, it’s real, whether it’s irrational or not, and because it’s gotten so expensive (again, that’s because of the Democrats and government being involved) people can’t take care of it on their own now. So it is a crisis that they have created, ostensibly for their political benefit, and therefore it is the most personal thing to millions of Americans. Their health, getting sick and being able get treated, is the most important thing to just gobs of people.

So given the highly personal aspect of this issue to people, the president of the United States lied — purposefully, knowingly, willfully — about the most important thing in most people’s lives. “Mr. Limbaugh, are you saying that your health care is not the most…?” No, it’s not, frankly. That’s my point. It’s not. I get sick; I go to the doctor. I don’t live in of fear getting sick. I don’t. My health care is not the primary concern I have about where I work.

It’s not.

But for most people it is.

I don’t even have health insurance. But I’m weird, I’m unique, I’m odd. I’m in a minority. I understand that. But I’m just telling you, I know how important it is to people, and I’m not criticizing it. I’m simply saying that is the reality now. The president, he coulda lied about other things. He can lie about Syria, he coulda lied about global warming, but this, he promised people that the most important thing in their life would not change, with his “reform.”

Not only that, he told them the most important thing in their life would get cheaper. And he told them the most important thing in their life would become more accessible. And he told them the most important relationship in their life, their doctor, would be unchanged. He lied purposefully, willfully, and in a way that cannot be covered up. It cannot be said that it was a gaffe. It cannot be said that it was a screw up.

It was willful, it was political, it was for his and his party’s advantage, and it was without compassion. He did this with no concern on the end result for people who believed hi — and in that sense, it might have revealed who he really is. A lot of people who voted for him, and a lot of people on the Democrat side, a lot of people on the media side, that’s what they’re having to come to grips with today, and that’s what many of them still remain in denial about.

This is lying about the most personal thing in many people’s minds: Their relationship with their doctor and their health. Not only that, the health of their entire family. This is as personal a lie as this president or any president could have told people. That’s why I say that this is the worst lie of any presidential lie I’m aware of. I don’t think, because of the personal nature of this, that there could be a worse lie — and they know it, and that’s why they’re trying to slither out of this.

They’re trying to slither out of it by telling another lie, because it can never be that they lied. You just didn’t hear right! You were lied to by others in the media that you listen to or watch. But the president didn’t lie. The fact is he’s lying again now. The media… Well, this Ron Fournier piece. Poor Ron, he’s devastated by it. He does his best to save Obama in this. He does his best, but it’s not possible.

He said, “Stop lying,” and the media said, “Stop lying,” and Obama told another lie! But I can’t… I’m sorry to bludgeon this, but I can’t emphasize it enough, and I think people inside the Beltway gonna miss this. This is reason I’m emphasizing it, the personal nature of this. To them, it’s a bad lie. It’s a bad lie because it’s an obvious lie. It’s a bad lie ’cause they can’t get him out of it. That’s not why it’s a bad lie.

It’s a bad lie because it’s like Kyle Smith in New York Post said on Sunday. Obama’s a BSer, but this is not BS. This is a flat-out deceitful, an intentionally deceitful lie that was only made to benefit Obama and the Democrat Party. When he lies and gets away with it, everybody else gets harmed. You don’t keep your doctor. You don’t keep your policy. You’re faced with cancellation and renewed and increased prices, if you want to stay insured.

Remember, the Democrat Party has made this the most important thing in many people’s lives. There are people who literally go through near panic each and every day over the fact they might get sick or their kids might get in a car wreck or something’s gonna happen to bankrupt them, because the Democrats have told ’em that’s what’s gonna happen. The Democrats have told people, “You’re one accident, you’re one illness away from being bankrupt, and that’s why we gotta do the reform! That’s why we gotta do Obamacare.”

Now it’s Obamacare that’s going to bankrupt people.

Now it’s Obamacare that is one step away from bankruptcy, one paycheck away from it.

It’s Obamacare that is causing all of this.

I think the Drive-Bys have to be aware of how bad this looks. Look at how many articles we’ve seen about Obama. “He had to lie ’cause the public’s too stupid to realize how good Obamacare is for us!” That’s one theme out there. “He had to lie! He had to lie ’cause the public, low-information crowd, they’re too stupid to see how good this is for everybody. He had to lie about it, in order to get it passed. He had to lie because if he told the truth the Republicans would have used the truth against him. We can’t have that!”

It’s another theme that’s out there.


RUSH: Man, I remember listening to this tune at 4:30 in the morning driving in to work when I was a deejay back in the old days. It’s a perfect 4:30 in the morning song or late at night going to bed or waking up. Boz Skaggs and Lowdown.

“Obama lied, and your health plan died.” It’s exactly what’s happened. You know, something else. I want you to listen to this again. I want to see if you notice a difference here. Ron Fournier did, in writing about this in the National Journal. Listen to the pronouns in this bite.

OBAMA: Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law, and you really like that plan, what we said was, “You could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.” So we wrote into the Affordable Care Act, you’re grandfathered in on that plan. But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve gotta change it to a higher standard.

RUSH: So the “I,” “me,” “my” president, all of a sudden now this becomes, “What ‘we’ said, what ‘we’ are saying.” There is none of this, “What I said was, and what I told you, and what I did, and when I did it, and when I said.” No, there’s none of that. Now it’s “we.” Now it’s some boobs that are gonna get canned for doing this. Now it’s a mysterious “we.”

Ron Fournier was just devastated by this. He writes in his piece today, ” Watch the video of Obama reinventing history with the “what-we-said-was” construction. Notice how he is looking at notes. Remarkably, this was not an off-the-cuff remark; it was written, reviewed and approved by senior White House officials, then recited by the president.” It was, he writes, “An orchestrated deceit.”

So was the first lie that he told how many different times, 35 or 40 different times over three years. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Premiums will see an average price reduction of $2,500.” All of those were written. All of those were on the prompter. None of those statements were off the cuff. They were all written. It has all been an orchestrated deceit — and that, friends, is the entire Democrat Party.


RUSH: Remember, now, folks, this lie is about one of the most personal things to people. It was a lie that benefited Barack Obama only. It was a lie for the express purpose of getting Barack Obama elected. It was a lie intended to deceive people into supporting this disaster of a health care reform plan — and it is a disaster. It’s an absolute nightmare. People are learning this. It is near criminal.

All of this was known and could have been widely publicized prior to the vote on this. All of this was known. It was known that Obama was lying when he said you could keep your plan, because the law itself contradicted that — and there were many of us that were shouting as loud as we could about it. The people just couldn’t get their arms around the fact that good old Obama would lie to ’em.

But he did.

He lied for his own gain.

He lied about the most personal aspect of people’s lives.

He deceived them all for his gain, all for his party’s gain.

He goes into Virginia and he’s campaigning. The fact that Terry McAuliffe… I’m thinking all day trying to figure a good way to analogize a guy like McAuliffe being a governor. I mean, it’s just unseemly. It’s just unseemly. And here’s Obama — who’s now demonstrated himself to be a deceitful, purposeful, wanton liar — going in, telling the people of Virginia how Terry McAuliffe is the best thing could ever happen to ’em, and it’s the absolute opposite of that.

All he is, is a placeholder for Democrat moneyed interests to have their way in that state, and pave the way for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run. The guy doesn’t know about being governor. It’s just gonna turn the thing into a money-laundering clearinghouse for the Democrat and all that. That’s what the state of Virginia is gonna become. It’s just shocking to me — literally, literally shocking. Terry McAuliffe? A bundler? It is what it is? By the way, there’s a third-party candidate in that state today, a Libertarian.

Even Ron Paul has come out against that Libertarian candidate and an Obama bundler. Some rich liberal from Texas is bankrolling the campaign of that Libertarian candidate in Virginia to split the vote between the Libertarian candidate and Ken Cuccinelli. So Barack Obama is now seeking to undermine the state of Virginia with a placeholder named Terry McAuliffe, and this comes on the heels of this…

I don’t know how to characterize this any more than I have. It’s just an amazing insult to everybody, their intelligence. These are people that voted for Barack Obama. These are people that basically placed their lives in his hands. Many of these people turned over their very existence to Barack Obama because they trusted him. He engendered that trust, and he told them that he’s the one that would look out for ’em.

He was the one that was gonna protect them. He was the one that was gonna guard them from these ravaging Republicans who didn’t care about women, didn’t care about blacks, don’t care about anybody else. It’s Barack Obama that purposely deceived these people for his own gain, for his own power and that of his party — and he’s now denying that he lied! He’s compounding it. He’s now denying that he ever said you could keep your insurance if you liked it.

He’s denying that he said it. He now claims he said you could keep it if it didn’t change. But the Obamacare law is written so as to make sure that plans change, so that they don’t remain grandfathered. Folks, here’s the dirty little secret. Obamacare can’t survive if everybody’s plan stayed the same. Can I ask you a question that I think is rooted in logic? If the president’s number one selling point…?

Please focus on this question. It’s really important.

If the number one selling point of Obamacare — if the most important thing about it, if the thing that he’s willing to lie about 29 times — is that if you like your plan, you can keep it, would somebody tell me what was wrong with health care? If you like your plan, you can keep it, then why are we changing anything? Why are we doing this? What it tells me is that most people were satisfied with what they had, and they were not gonna get to keep it.

The president knew that, so he had to lie to them about it in order to implement this “reform,” which is gonna end up being much worse for almost everybody. Not quite everybody, because some are gonna get subsidies like people that work for the government and members of the House and Senate and their staff. They’re gonna have 75% of their costs taken care of by you and me and other taxpayers. But most everybody is going to be really financially impacted, damaged by this.

The president’s out there telling people, “No, no! If you like your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep it.” Well, if you asked me, what was wrong with it, then? Why does it need to be changed? And if you gonna make a big deal out of lying to people about it, you must be of the impression that most people like their plans — and in that case, why change it?

So, what did that become? “Well, we had to do it for the uninsured because we’re big-hearted, compassionate liberals, and we have to take care of those who don’t have any health insurance. It’s just not right. The biggest superpower in the world has got 30 million people uninsured! What kind of rotgut people does that make us? Okay, so we’re gonna do this to insure 30 million people.”

Well, it turns out that the uninsured remain uninsured under Obamacare.

The only people that benefit from this are the Democrat Party. They’re the only people that benefit, and how do they benefit? They now control one-sixth of the US economy that they didn’t have under their control, and they now control the way people live, because every aspect of living has a health care cost component to it that they can deny treatment for unless you snap to and live the way they want you to live.

They’re not content to let you live the way you want to live. You’ve gotta live the way they demand you live. This is so repugnant. So now Obama’s denying that he ever said what he said, except he said, “Well, we now…” So I’m just gonna do this little sound bite roll here. We’re gonna repeat number one. This is Obama saying, “No, no! We never said that you could keep your plan if it changed.” Listen to this again.

OBAMA: Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law, and you really like that plan, what we said was, “You could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.” So we wrote into the Affordable Care Act, you’re grandfathered in on that plan. But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve gotta change it to a higher standard.

RUSH: Well, that’s the mandate. They have to change it.

There was no way you were gonna keep your plan from the beginning, and they knew it. They knew that 93 million Americans were gonna lose their plans and the relationship with their doctor. They lied about it. They knew they were lying about it. They made a calculated decision to lie and deal with the aftermath. Now, try to follow this. It’s the same press conference, a DC Organizing for America event. He says that if he had kept his first promise, he would have broken an even bigger one.

Now, this is where he attempts to implement the Limbaugh Theorem…

OBAMA: If we had allowed these old plans to be downgraded or sold to new enrollees once the law had already passed, then we would have broken an even more important promise: Making sure that Americans gain access to health care that doesn’t leave them one illness away from financial ruin.

RUSH: There you go!

OBAMA: The bottom line is — is that —

RUSH: There you go!

OBAMA: — we are making the insurance market better for everybody.

RUSH: There you go.

OBAMA: And that’s the right thing to do.

RUSH: That’s what they’ve done for 30 years. One illness away from financial ruin. They’ve been talking like that for 30 years, and they’ve made people think that they’re one common cold away from financial ruin. So here now the president says if he had kept his first promise, i.e., you get to keep your plan, he would have broken an even bigger promise. And if we had allowed these old plans to be downgraded or sold to new enrollees then we would have broken an even more important promise, making sure that Americans gain access. He says if we had let you keep your plan, we would not have been able to have other people who are uninsured get insurance.

Well, they don’t get insured under Obamacare. The dirty little secret is that something like 20 million Americans, maybe it’s 30, remain uninsured after full implementation. So this is pathological. This is purposefully pathological. How come we haven’t seen any examples of people with lousy plans? Name one of them. The only thing we’ve seen is people who like their plans are upset they don’t get to keep ’em, right? All we’ve seen are people who’ve been canceled, and they’re upset about it, and they’ve been told that their replacement plan is gonna raise their deductible by three times, their premium by 150%, their out-of-pocket goes way up.

We haven’t seen any examples of people happy that Obamacare has gotten rid of a lousy plan, have we? All we’ve seen are people ticked off that they lost the plan they had and liked. Which then again argues for the premise, why change it? And when you start answering that question then you find out what this is all about. And it isn’t health care. Why change something that 95% of Americans liked? Most people like their plans, it turns out. Isn’t that amazing? That’s another thing people have been lied to about. You’ve probably gone through this whole debate thinking most Americans hate their doctor, hate their insurance company, hate their plan, and it turns out they all like their plan, and they’re really ticked off they don’t get to keep it.

Have you seen anybody come forward that had a lousy plan, happy it’s gone? Snerdley, have you seen any example of that? I haven’t. If there’s any they’re few and far between. Most of the people trotting out here, most of the people making news are people that have been canceled who like their plans. I haven’t seen anybody come up say, “You know what, I’m so happy. I had a rotten plan, Obamacare got rid of it, and my new plan I really love.” I haven’t seen that person. Have you? They don’t exist.

Folks, I can’t categorize the scope of this scam that has been run on everybody. It’s gotten away with because it takes place in the political arena, “Well, that’s just politics.” You take what happened here outside of the political arena, you put it anywhere, and you’ve got the Justice Department and lawyers out the wazoo trying to put people in jail. And I’m not exaggerating. You let a CEO lie to people about a product. (interruption) Sarbanes-Oxley, nobody knows what it is. Look at the Tylenol case. Somebody went in, poisoned a bunch of Tylenol, people got sick, they had to pull it off the market.

Imagine if Tylenol said, “No, there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re keeping it on the shelf. There’s nothing wrong with it. You’ll have no problem taking Tylenol.” Or, “This new phone’s gonna have a six-inch screen, full HD, it’s gonna have a battery that lasts you a full week on a single charge.” You go buy the phone, it’s got a four-inch screen, the battery lasts eight hours, and it’s not HD, what happens to that company? “Well, we had to lie to you to make sure you’d buy it.” Well, yeah, we had to lie to you so you’d support Obamacare, so we Democrats can stay in power. That’s all that’s happened here. But this was personal, folks. There are gonna be ramifications to this.


RUSH: Folks, this is much worse than just lying, and I’m not trying to say that the personal nature of this lie is not all that bad. I’m not changing my premise here. I’m just saying that it’s even worse than this. What President Obama has done here is just full out destroy the public trust. What he has done here is among the most outrageous acts a president can commit against his own nation. And that’s why I say this is unparalleled. In my lifetime I can’t think of a presidential lie that even approaches this, that even gets anywhere near it. This totally blows up the public trust.

He not only lied, folks, but he accused those of you telling the truth of fearmongering. Remember what he said about all those evil mortgage bankers? Oh, yeah, those evil mortgage bankers hoodwinking people that they could afford a mortgage when they couldn’t. Yeah, hoodwinking people into bad mortgages. All those mortgage lenders shaking down people time and time again, when in fact it was Obama and Clinton’s DOJ shaking down the mortgage bankers. But this has just blown up the public trust. And then he accuses those of telling the truth of being fearmongers and terrorists and of seeking to hold people hostage.

Up to October of this year, he forced a government shutdown to prevent a full debate before implementation, when he knew how flawed it was, and that it would not do what he promised. This is the thing, folks, Barack Obama and his administration and the Democrat Party have known from the get-go that this health care reform would not do what it was being promised to do. They have known that your premiums were not gonna get cheaper. They have known you weren’t gonna keep your doctor. They have known you weren’t gonna keep your plan, and they lied about it anyway. And then they accused the people of telling you the truth of being fearmongers.

They made a calculated decision to deceive everybody on this and deal with this aftermath that’s happening now. Meanwhile, he won’t even release the successful application numbers until mid-November, so as to not influence the outcome of the election in Virginia. They won’t tell you that only six people have been able to sign up. That has to be unearthed. They can’t even tell you the truth about who has and has not signed up.

LEC here — thank you , Rush ! I am no wordsmith , and you said it beautifully !!

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… A Unique Ballot Battle in Colorado …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 6th,2013

.. and it is one not to be poo – pooed …

.. A number of northern Colorado counties are extremely unhappy with the direction of the state and its government . Most state secession movements are a joke . Not this one . The voters of Colorado have plenty of issues to be pissed off at . Having a lunatic leftie twit as a Governor is one way to get everyone mad . Especially provoking anger are votes to attempt to eviscerate the Taxpayer Bill of Rights , and the gun control bill . Coloradans have voted for change , but I highly doubt that this is the change that they have had in mind .

.. It seems that quite a few citizens of Colorado are going to have something to do about their situation . No , it is not a joke . The dems that are currently in power in Denver just might be stupid enough to wave them bye – bye . First up is having a live secession movement . There is enough anger in northern Colorado that the state just might have one in live existence . The next step is to gather support . It could even come from counties in surrounding states , such as Wyoming , Nebraska , and Kansas . Once that occurs , then the Dems in Denver have a serious problem . If they sign off on the issue (a big if) , then it comes to D.C. . Boy , would that become a political football .

.. to create a new state (North Colorado) out of parts of the current state , and even from parts of surrounding states (possibly) , you need the permission of the existing state government . Normally , that would not be possible . When West Virginia was created (and admitted) in 1864 , the hoop that was skipped was that Virginia was a state in rebellion . As lunatic as Denver is these days , no one is suggesting that . But , the Dems in Denver just might sign off on it , just to be rid of the rebels . They also might not . There is good reason why .

.. California . California is so damn big , a secession movement just might spring up there , too . Also , like Colorado , California has the initiative and petition method . The rebels could end up using that method to circumvent the legislature in Sacramento . Also , the legislature , as long as the rebel counties take on their fair share of the debt , just might be nuts enough to sign off on it . If north Colorado succeeds , California just might be next .

.. also , Canada is watching . Le Quebecois are getting reared up to start their nationalist movement all over again . It could well be stronger than the first time . If it were to succeed , then Canada is finished . The rest of Canada hates Ontario almost as much as they hate Quebec , and if they are effectively cut off from each other (the Maritmes from the West , and the West from the rest) , well …..

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… More on Obama Lied [There is Video] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. courtesy of BizzyBlog (thanks , Tom Blumer!) .. and courtesy of Mediaite

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[link] — youtube video of POTUS looking like a damn fool …

.. POTUS is caught restating what he had said before . Except , like before , what he said before , and what he has said at that O.F.A. event , are on video . Dumb – Dumb , in the internet and youtube age , you and your minions should know better . If you lie , you are going to be caught in the act . Guess what ? You are busted !

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… It is Plain and Simple — Obama Lied …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. and the evidence is plain , simple , and clear , from the video [link] .

.. Nice try , POTUS . No matter how much you try to manuveur around the subject , and “beat around the bush,” the video has you on the record . So , guess what ? You are busted , — and POTUS is a liar !

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