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… Nice Going , Alec Baldwin …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 26th,2013

.. you managed to get yourself fired by that rathold of a network , pMSNBC .

Italiano: Autore : flickr user David Shankbone...

… his Royal Crankiness , Alec Baldwin … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Baldwin has a habit of going off in public , especially at member of the media . This time , it cost him dearly . He exploded at a femaile reporter for a local New York City tv station , going off with a homophobic rant .

.. surprisingly , pMSNBC actually has  some standards . Or , more likely , it wanted to avoid the embarassment of having to  fight off  protests from  its viewer base , and then act to get rid of him …

.. It is about time … Bye – Bye , Alec , you can go back to being a abnormal jackass , now …


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