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… Why does Martin Bashir still have a job …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 21st,2013

.. Bashir came over from Britain as an accomplished newsman , albeit a little stiff . He did a relatively decent job at ABC , especially on ” Nightline . ”

.. The problem is now is that he is on pMSNBC . What was once a respectable news career is disintegrating before our eye ‘ s . The influence of the pMSNBC culture is dragging him down , down , down …

.. However , the attack that he pulled on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is waaay beyond the pale . How in the hell could something like that even get close to making it on air , anywhere ?

[link] — to my better judgement , so that you can judge for yourself , here is a video link to his original jackasinine attack on Mrs. Palin …

[link] — this is a video link to his on – air apology . Contrary to others , I believe that this came directly from him . It may not been in an attempt to save his job (although it should have been , at a normal news network) , given the pMSNBC culture …


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