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… Quit the Excuses , POTUS !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 19th,2013

.. you already have a big enough credibility problem as it is .

.. News Item : the Republican party is opposed to ObamaCrapCare . It always has been . When the original bill was being considered , what was the response of the Administration and the DemoCraps ? The DummyCraps did not want any opposition suggestions . They ignored the GOP suggestions , poo – pooed them , and tossed them aside , as if they did not matter , not one whit . So , when you get supercharged opposition to the implementation of ObamaCrapCare , what did you expect ? Nothing ? You got what you should have expected . Full scale and vehement and unswerving opposition . Duhhhh !! ..

.. If an opposition party is completely and totally opposed to your policy , they will do what anyone would expect . O – P – P – O -S – I – T – I – O – N . So what else did you expect ? Contributions to the cause ? No thanks . Especially when you dismiss suggestions for improvements out of hand .

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