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… Christopher Christie in New Jersey [Governor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. this one is a very easy endorsement …

.. Chris Christie is a strong personality , there can be no doubt . Christie suffers fools and liberals very rarely , and is

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

… Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey [R] … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(understandibly) intolerant of ignorant fools . Who isn ‘ t . Christie will , however , let you know about it , and why .

.. Is Christie a candidate for the Big Job ? He just might . Dealing with the Bronx Zoo that is New Jersey politics is no piece of cake . It takes a strong intellect and an even stronger personality to successfully deal with the knuckleheads inhabiting New Jersey ‘ s political system . Christie appears to be able to do so , and he does not even have control of either House of the legislature .

.. Just imagine what Christie could do if he did ? He could really work to overhaul things , even more so than is being done now . The back of the radical activist judiciary could finally be broken , once and for all . Also , a true flat – tax reform tax program could be implemented . Also , most of all , there would be hell to pay in the cities , where the corruption is . A Christie – supported AG could really bring in results …

.. enthusiastically support Chris Christie in New Jersey !! …


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