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… the Kentuckian will be the Adults in the Room [Both of Them] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 7th,2013

.. I am referring to , of course , are U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul , from Kentucky . It will not just be one of them . It will be both of them , working together .

.. Paul is a leader of the Tea Party wing of the GOP . McConnell is , of course , the Minority Leader of the United States Senate . If

English: Official photo cropped of United Stat...

English: Official photo cropped of United States Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McConnell ever again wants to be the Majority Leader , it is in his interest to work with Paul and get the support of the mass of the conservatives in a budget negotiation . Paul is a natural bridge to the House conservatives , many of whom , like him , owe their support , and possibly their elections , to the support of the Tea Party . McConnell knows both Biden and Obama . Once negotiations are able to begin , it is likely to happen through Biden and McConnell . But passage is another thing entirely .

.. Rand Paul may well want to be President of the United States . He has a very effective base of support within the GOP , but he knows that to have an effective chance at winning the election , he needs the support , or , at least , the acquiecence of the Republican estabilishment . The Establishment may not be wild about Rand Paul , but they are not stupid . The Establishment may not be able to stop Paul (who is an ppthamologist) from becoming the nominee , but they might be able to from becoming POTUS , especially if they stay home .

.. the Republican Establishment is moderate turf . They carry critical party support (also $$) in the suburbs and other GOP – leaning areas . The GOP has the South , Texas , and the Great Plains locked up . Oregon is in play . So are many other states , such as Michigan , Pennsylvania , Wisconsin , and Ohio . To carry those , Paul will need the help of the Establishment to win a General Election . Making a critical budget deal , and , nominally , helping the GOP work to win the political battle with an unpopular POTUS will not be easy . The chits that he can earn , as well as the gravitas he will gain from the effort , will be of enormous help .

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY).

Official portrait of United States Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Rand Paul is a choir boy . Literally . It is very highly unlikely that there are “skeletons” in his closet . So , he has a leg up on many of his potential rivals . He does not carry his father ‘  s  space cadet reputation and the accompanying political baggage . If he proves to be an effective candidate , and can , with his father ‘ s (dr Ron Paul’s) help , carry along his father ‘ s base of support , he can win the GOP nomination , and , after that , the Presidential election .

.. First things first . the GOP cannot realistically eliminate ObamaCrapCare . Not now . The way things are starting out , O.C.C. is off to a horrible start . It may well collapse of its own weight . Delaying the individual mandate is probably the best that be achieved , right now . If the GOP makes significant gains , and regains the Senate majority , there will be hell to pay for the left . POTUS will be effectively neuteured . But , first things first . winning the political battle …

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