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… What a Disgrace [#BarryCades @ Vets Memorials]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 5th,2013

... vietnam memorial #barrycaded ...

… vietnam memorial #barrycaded …

.. o.k. , I get to do this one over again …

[h/t John McCormack , TWS , and Professor William Jacobsen , Legal Insurrection]

.. What are these idiots thinking ? The absolute gall of the ObamaCraps doing incredibly insensitive and foolish stuff , such as this . Why ? …

.. It appears that the ObamaCraps are continuing to follow what is known in the political trade as the ” Washington Monument ” shutdown strategy . It means that they highlight the most prominent and the most obvious shutdown possibilities , thereby ganering the most media coverage , and the most publicity . In this case , these ObamaCraps are taking it to a whole new level .

.. These closures are of open – air spaces , and outdoor veterans memorials , such as the Vietnam Veterans memorial , and the United States Marine Corps ‘ Iwo Jima , are the height of insult to all of us …


2 Responses to “… What a Disgrace [#BarryCades @ Vets Memorials]…”

  1. […] … What a Disgrace [#BarryCades @ Vets Memorials]… October 5, 2013 […]

  2. […] … What a Disgrace [#BarryCades @ Vets Memorials]… October 5, 2013 […]

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