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… What a Dictatorial , Ecosocialist Witch …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 23rd,2013

.. I am referring to that ecosocialist Gina McCarthy , the so – called administrator of the EcoSocialist Propaganda Agency . What an arrogant witch !

.. this is a [link] to a buzzfeed article , one in which McCarthy claims that it is the economics of the industry , not the regulations that she is proposing , that is the problem with the coal industry .

.. for lack of daintyness , B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T !!!!

.. it is the dramatic and drastic ecosocialistic environmental regulations that you and your minions are attempting or have imposed on the industry right now . Coal is an effective and efficient means of generating electricity . What would help is a patriotic and non – socialistic Presidential administration in Washington . Also , it would help if the coal companies and the utilities would have a fair shake in the regulatory process , not the “sue and settle” stacked deck that attempts to impose grossly unfair regulations , without the required amount of due process in the government one would normally expect and deserves .


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