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… Oh , POTUS , Yes You Can [on Budget Cuts] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. and , yes you will …

.. POTUS is an arrogant bastard . He thinks that he can dictate terms of debate , as well as the terms of the bill that will reach his desk . It could not be further from the truth than that , that is for sure …

[-] the Senate — the GOP has 45 members . Unlike Illinois , where the GOP was a bunch of mindnumbed robots , the D.C. crowd is one of a different ilk . Just ask Dingy Harry Reid . Any deal will have problems passing , because Dingy Harry ‘ s power will start to ebb , once the cats realize he will not be the boss of the corral after next November …

[-] the House — any bill has to be passed by a majority of the majority . Boehner can do the math . He also knows that the GOP is likely to strengthen its numbers , and with the uproar over the Tea Party targeting , you can bet there will be more of them in the next Congress . POTUS will just love that . He will also have to accept the fact that he will have to negotiate , whether he likes it or not …

[-] the financial markets — they are not going to be wild about this , that is sure . However , with a weak President , the GOP is going to press what advantages it has for whatever it can get . it also does not have to worry about an “automatic” tax increase burrowed into things , like the last time ..

[-] the Fed Chairman — the markets are going to be far more worried about who the next Fed Chairman (or , Chairwoman) will be . They have to be concerned about the possibility that the inflation genie could get out of the bottle . They would prefer an inflationary hard – case as the chair . The House is out of it on this , but not the Senate . The 45 GOP members , plus the nervous Dems up next year can and will push POTUS to appoint one . Since Larry Summers has evidently withdrawn from consideration , do not expect Janet Yellen to get the nod , either . She is an inflation dove , one that the markets will not like . Obama is pigheaded and arrogant , but , hopefully , not that stupid . A short bear market will likely kill off Yellen .

[-] Mitch McConnell — He is likely to be the chief deal – maker . He is usually pretty good at math , and he will know what can pass , and at what price .

[-] taxes — No tax increases will pass , with either GOP caucus , no matter how much POTUS wants them . The last time , the GOP had an automatic one scheduled in pressuring them . Not this time . Tax cuts , unfortunately , not likely , either . POTUS will want higher rates & / or tax monies as part of any deal , and unless he gets a “bath of cold water” and grows up , there will not be any change in taxes or rates .

[-] Max Baucus — He is the chair of the Senate Finance Cmte , and can be very unpredictable . Baucus is a wild card , since he is retiring , and the GOP is likely to grab his seat , Tim Johnson ‘ s [SD] , and Jay Rockefeller [WV] . That is half of the GOP ‘ s battle . Mark Pryor in Ar is likely a “dead man walking” and Mary Landrieux in LA will try her best , but will likely have trouble holding on .

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