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… POTUS a “Grandiose Narcissist ?” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 10th,2013

.. I wonder . POTUS seems to have a great deal of faith in his own abililties and his own intellectual superiority . It makes him to be one very arrogant bastard , that is for sure .

.. I would wonder if there is any kind of psychological (albeit political) evaluation . No , not an explicitly political one . A specifically

... well , it worked ! ...

… well , it worked ! …

medical , i.e. a psychological one , or one of a psychiatric nature . It would make for very interesting reading , that is for sure . Considering what is going on over Syria right now , it would sure make for very interesting reading …

.. In this case , this one involves an Obama – style clone , soon – to – be former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia . You will find this short piece , from the Sydney Morning Herald , and the link to the longer one to the parent piece at the Australian Financial Review to be very interesting reading . It does take some understanding of Australian politics , but not much . I am not trying to be arrogant , at least I hope not .

.. Australia ‘ s legislature looks like it is similar in form to our Congress here in the U.S. . Not quite . The form , yes . The function , though , is a great deal more like a Westminster style Parliament . The lower House majority elects the Prime Minister , and , except in rare instances , the elections are held on a regular basis every three years .

.. Rudd politically knifed his predecessor , former PM Julia Gillard , just a few weeks ago . He was convinced that he was the candidate to take Australia ‘ s Labour party into the most recent general election . Well , she went , and he took over , and you might wonder what happened ? Guess ?

.. Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party / National Party coalition (the Tories) blew out Labour , and did it in style . The coalition won about 90 to 92 seats in Australia ‘ s lower House of Parliament , against 58 for Labour and their alies . Bombs Away ! Guess kevin got his just reward , and now it is off to the political wilderness for both Rudd and Gillard …

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