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… This is A Text [Draft Resolution] , but Not for What You Think …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 5th,2013

.. this is a text of a simple and short draft resolution , one that was drafted by Rep. Devin Nunes [R-Ca] . It is K.I.S.S. – class . simple and short . But , it is not for what you might think .

.. first , the text …

It is the sense of Congress that the President shall report to Congress within sixty days on the justification for using military force

English: Devin Nunes, U.S. Representative from...

English: Devin Nunes, U.S. Representative from California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in Syria, including:

a. An explanation of the steps he has taken to secure greater support from America’s allies, including NATO, for his plan of action in Syria;

b. A detailed plan for military action in Syria, including specific goals and military objectives;

c. An explanation of what would qualify as a successful effort to “degrade” the Assad regime’s chemical weapons supply;

d. An explanation of how a “limited” military strike, if that is the preferred course of action, would help to secure Syria’s chemical weapons supplies and deter the future use of chemical weapons;

e. An explanation of how a “limited” military strike would advance the President’s policy supporting regime change in Syria, and what he has done to ensure that terrorist groups will not seize power there and/or gain control of Syria’s chemical weapons;

f. An explanation of how a “limited” military strike on Syria would prevent Iran and Russia from keeping the Assad regime in power;

g. An explanation of whether al Qaeda or other terrorist groups in Syria have access to chemical weapons, and whether they have used them in the past or could use them in the future;

h. An explanation of whether weapons from Libya are now being used by the Syrian opposition.

i. An estimate of the financial cost of his course of action in Syria.

… LEC back — I think that the House G.O.P. is secretly trying to get POTUS ‘ attention , if necessary , to whack him with a political 2×4 . They want to support the action , and the resolution , because it is in the G.O.P. ‘ s political D.N.A. . it is not in the Dems , but it is in the Republican ‘ s , however .

.. Ironically , Nunes is offering his support FOR the resolution , and for the operation . However , he is also putting POTUS on point . He has to take responsibility for his actions , and for his decisions . Recruiting some allies to help would help deal with the situation . W. did it . Other presidents did it . Now , it is Mr. Obama ‘ s turn to do it , and do the heavy diplomatic lifting . It is what is needed to build a coalition . He should call W. ‘ s people , and ask them . Colin Powell was one of them . he knows how tough that it will be . He would be  probably be willing to help , and I  doubt JohnBoy Kerry would object all that much .

.. If necessary , the House G.O.P. will sit on the resolution , until the ObamaCrap White House makes the DemoCraps cough up at least 1/3 , or better yet , a majority of the House Dem caucus . Then , the resolution will move , and it will be similar to the above . What comes naturally to most Presidents is pretty much alien to Obama . He needs , for once , to really understand what leadership really is . He needs to take responsibility for his actions in office , and what will eventually become a significant part of his legacy . Hemming , hawing , and dodging responsibility for one ‘ s acts ain ‘ t it , and it will not cut it . It just will not . POTUS needs to get the message . He will get the support that he needs , and that he desires . It comes with a price .

.. Mr. President , it is time to “Man Up,” for crying out loud !!

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