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… POTUS should understand the Meaning of a Word [Leadership] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

… in this case , leadership

.. if he wants to build or gain popular support for an issue , it does not grow on a tree . It does not happen because he says so . It happens because he takes the initiative on an issue , and leads . You do not build popular support for an issue by putting your finger to the wind , and “whistle dixie”

.. POTUS obviously wants popular support behind his possible decision to initiate potential military action against Syria . However , it is not Syria that is , or should be , the real target of the military engagement . It is Iran , pure and simple . Syria is Iran ‘ s ally . Bashaar Assad would not now be in power except for the military action of Iran , and the diplomatic and military weakness and inaction of the ObamaCraps .

.. Obama has to lead . He has to quit playing games on the issue , and lead . He should , ideally , call back Congress . He should not do so , first , without trying to build some sense of popular support . Then , bring them back . Congress will back him . The Congresscritters and Senators are not chickens , nor are they weak . He is . It is time for him to stop being weak and indecisive , and lead .

The Iranians are not stupid . They may want to make us look bad . These days , that is done easily enough . But , they know that they cannot stand up , directly or indirectly , to the complete military strength of the United States . It is our own National Command Authority (Obama) that is the weak point . He is a very profound weak point .


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