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… In Honour of the ” I Have A Dream ” Speech [50th Anniversary] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 27th,2013

.. in honour of the important anniversary of this speech , I am reposting the text and links to the video of the speech .



.. the Reverend Dr King is a hero of mine . Even though his politics most probably were a polar opposite of mine , his leadership , his courage , and his moral exemplars have helped change a nation , and continue to help change our world .

.. Originally , I was not going to post links to the video of the speech . However , with the antics of the current immoral horrendous leadership , or lack thereof , in the black community , they have defiled the examples set by the Reverend Dr. King , and turned the current 50th Anniversary commermoration into a partisan hate festival , with no place for morality , faith , or religion at all .


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