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… the “Young Millenials” are Needed to Co-Operate [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 22nd,2013

.. what do you think they are , crazy , or that they are stupid ?!?!

.. For ObamaCrapCare to work (that is , courtesy of “community rating” , which lowers the cost threshold for older folks) , it will take quite a few younger folks to enroll in OCC (my short form for you-know-what) in order for it to work . Why ?

.. A couple of things . The Baby Boomers are starting to retire . In huge numbers . And there are nowhere near as many of the number of Millenials as there area Boomers . So , the Millenials are needed . Community Rating flattens out the insurance cost curve for many , but not for the Millenials . in order to entice many , insurance with many , many , many requirements (mandates) is required . In effect , near – Cadillac style health care . Which ain’t cheap . With the flattening of the cost – curve , the mandates , and the numbers of the boomers , the Millenials are needed in large numbers .

Slight Problem ?

.. Oh , Yea . The penalty for the individual mandate is waaaay to low . Because of that , many Millenials will not likely enroll , sending the premiums for those who do (on up the age scale) soaring .

.. Thus , the “Death Spiral” for the Exchanges . Why do those dummies that come up with these ideas study certain subjects , such as :

[-] Economics ,

[=] the Law of Unintended Consequences ,

[=] the Laws of Supply and Demand , and

[-] the ideals of Human Nature …

… try # stooopid !!!!

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