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… What POTUS seems to Not Understand about Egypt …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 16th,2013

.. POTUS has condemned the Egyptian military’s slaughter of Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers . He has also acted to cancel joint military exercises scheduled for next month. He said that the violence should stop and that “a process of national reconciliation should begin.”

.. Not surprisingly , the ObamCrap White House is clueless about foreign af fairs , in general , and Egypt , in particular . They think that because they might call a shot , that the Egyptians will jump , and dance to their tune . On the contrary . The Arab World sees this as a brother Arab nation being bullied by the West . They cannot replace the military training (Israel can , to a point) , but these nations are loaded to the gills . They can easily replace the financial aid .

.. What the White House fails to understand is that the Egyptian military has very different ideas about what “reconciliation” means . Its goal is to eventually destroy the Muslim Brotherhood, its traditional adversary, by any land all means possible . it will likely mean wasting as many of the MB as is possible . They will jail the others , but there will , they hope , a great deal fewer of them .

.. Are the ObamaCraps that oblivious and stupid . Did they think that the Egyptians would dance to their tune . They are just as capabile of saying one thing , and then doing another as is the Administration . The ObamaCraps obviously do not understand the Brotherhood for the mortal threat to civilization that they are . Anyone that would compromise or even attepmt to reconcile with these murderous thugs would have to be insane .

.. The generals in Cairo have made cold calculations. One of them is that brutality pays dividends. Yes, there may be short-term consequences to the brutal crackdown: There’s still a decent chance that the U.S. will suspend aid to the Egyptian military . Expect that to happen . It will be only short – term , however . Short of an attack on Israel , Egypt will eventually get its American aid . Even if they do not , for a while , they can replace it , at least they economic side of it .

.. The military leadership has added up the score . They knew that the violence may well force Obama ‘ s hand . They also realize that he is weak . They also know that they have to be strong and stout . But the generals understood that a suspension of aid might be possible in the aftermath of the sort of crackdown we’re seeing now. Which means that they have come to think that wiping out the Brotherhood is worth the risk. (They also know that there are plenty of wealthy sheiks in the Persian Gulf who viscerally oppose the Brotherhood and who would be happy to supplement Egypt’s defense budget.)

.. I would not doubt that the crackdown will continue . One chief reason is Syria . The generals cannot help but notice that the world has stood idly by as Bashar al-Assad has presided over the deaths of some 100,000 Syrian citizens. In the Middle East, you can, in fact, get away with murder.

. And the Egyptian military has given the Brotherhood something it seeks: mass martyrdom, which is the most potent motivational tool a theocratic movement has in its arsenal.

.. Egypt is falling into ruin because the Brotherhood is anti-democratic, revanchist, anti-Christian and power-mad . It is also because the Egyptian military couldn’t conceive of a way to marginalize it without resorting to mass violence. This leaves the U.S. in the difficult position of having no one to support. There is, at this point, no good reason to continue funding the Egyptian armed forces. The aid obviously hasn’t provided the White House with sufficient leverage, and it makes the U.S. complicit in what just happened and what will undoubtedly continue to happen.

.. One argument for continued aid is that it encourages the military to maintain Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. But the military will do so whether or not the U.S. provides money and weapons, because it has decided that Islamist extremism, and not Israel, is Egypt’s main enemy. And it will be too busy persecuting Egyptians.

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