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… Dingy Harry , You are an Ass !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 9th,2013

.. seems like ol ‘ Dingy Harry (Senate DemoCrap Leader Harry Reid) was on a radio program in Nevada , earlier this afternoon . Oh Boy , did he stick his foot in his mouth . As Usual ! ..

.. Good ol ‘ Dingy Boy commented on Republican opposition ( in general ) , and Senate Republican opposition (in particular) to POTUS ‘ policies . He said that he hoped “that their opposition is based on policy , and not on the President ‘ s race . ” Huge Oops !

.. You Stupid jackhole . Only an arrogrant and pompous ass would make such boorish and racist comments as those . Republican opposition is most definitely based on policy , you [bleeping] [bleep]hole . No , it is not race – based . Only you and your arrogance and racism are race — based , you stupid jerk ! ..


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