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… You Have to Be Kidding ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 5th,2013

.. Cutting and Running is not the Answer .

.. Stand Your Ground , just might be the answer .

.. The closing of embassies all over the Arab World is waaay beyond the pale . You do not deal with a security threat by digging a hole in the ground , and hiding your head in it . You begin to deal with the threat or threats . You take a proactive approach , and go on the offensive .

.. I thought that POTUS ‘ foreign policy is weak as a spaghetti noodle , but not this weak . The bad guys will just wait us out , and hit us when we least expect it . They will do it when it most suits them , and when it least suits us . Get serious , folks .

.. You have to move forward with a proactive approach . You need to give your intelligence services the tools to do the job that they were brought together to do . One also should give the intelligence services firm direction and guidance on what is expected , but not to micromanage what they do .  Give them room to do the job that they need to do . Be upfront . Defend what they do , and do not lowjack them with legal probes for past actions for which , directly or indirectly , they had the legal authority to do .

.. Make the bad guys respect them , and fear you . Then , they will know that retaliation will be swift , sure , and certain .

.. Also , be more careful about how one elects political leaders . It applies to senators , congresscritters , as well as to POTUS . Weak policy and weak leaders is asking for trouble .

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