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… Oh , Ye are Ones to Talk …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 27th,2013

.. those of the JornOlist . You idiots , who actually do conspire with each other , and with the DemoCrap party , are hardly ones to talk .

.. Incredible how paranoid the Democraps can be . They are oh , so afraid of conservative and message co – ordination . As rare as that is , and it is rare , as best as I understand it . There is no “message of the day.” There are no ” talking points ” from the ministry of propaganda , because there is not one . With the DemoCraps , however , it is a much , much different story .

.. The DemoCraps are paranoid about maintaining their “message discipline . ” They cesslessly co – ordinate their “message of the day” through a central nexus , usually the DNC , or the ObamaCrap White House . They are paranoid that the message and the talking points get into the media , so that they can be as much of an influence on the media product as possible .

.. And , those folks network into what became the “JournOlist , ” a group of like – minded liberals and loons that had burrowed themselves into different organizations . They accuse those of us conservatives of conspiracies ?!?!


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