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… Absolutely Hilarious [Al Sharpton slapdown]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 22nd,2013

.. thanks to Smitty at theOtherMcCain for pointing out this link , and CapBlacktheHoodConservative for the original post . You really have to listen to this . No music to it , but a very righteous slapdown of the DemoCraps , Al Sharpton , the urban Agenda , well , you get the idea …

Is There A ‘George Brotherman’, A ‘Chocolate Klansman’?

by Smitty

What an excellent essay. I could not have said it better myself, both in terms of content quality, and I would be nailed to the wall as a three-alarm raaaaacist for laying the truth down like this :

LEC here — same here , Smitty . No one gives an Al Sharpton smackdown better than another black guy …

Forget George Zimmerman Watch Out For George Brotherman


Forget George Zimmerman, Watch Out For George Brotherman


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