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… More Lunatics (Bill Schmalfeldt) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 21st,2013

.. Yea , I already have another addition to the Lunatics Brigade . No , this guy (Bill Schmalfeldt) is not quite as bad as the original loon , Brett Kimberlin . Yet , he reaches his own level of lunacy in the way that he cyberstalks and cyberharasses others .

.. the invited link , to , is what I am referring to . It is done with some sense of humour . The other one is to my new cyberfriend , theOtherMcCain . He is much more familiar with Mr . Bill ‘ s monkeyshines . Yet , this guy is dangerous , and can cause serious trouble . Be Careful .

[p.s. — for JJHoge … don’t these jokers have anything better to do with their time , than to harass others . These folks are mental , seriously ill …]


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