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… His Royal Preachyness pitches a Failure [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

.. health insurance costs spiraling …

.. choices falling , or non – existent …

.. taxes bound to go up …

..With his healthcare reform under attack and Americans increasingly skeptical of  its benefits, President Barack Obama went on the offensive Thursday, announcing  the program will put $500 million into consumers’ pockets this summer and  claiming it has lowered insurance rates by $3.4 billion .
.. Obama, flanked by a dozen people who have received  rebates or have seen their insurance rates go down, estimated the average check  would be about $100, evidence he claimed showed the program is working.
..The president’s speech, his third address solely to tout Obamacare this year,  signals a renewed effort to promote the controversial law as it faces a new round of withering  attacks from Republicans who on Wednesday held two votes to repeal key  provisions of the law.

Republicans were quick to respond on  Thursday. House Speaker John Boehner insisted the GOP would continue  fighting Obamacare.

“The law has to go,” Boehner said after the president’s speech, vowing  to continue to work to “fully repeal the president’s healthcare law in its  entirety once and for all.” “Fairness is a basic tenet of our society,” Boehner said  at a press briefing Thursday. “And it is the bare minimum the American people  should expect from their government. But too often under this president, they  aren’t seeing it.”

Obama accused the  Republicans of playing politics by continuing to attack Obamacare.
“I  mention all this because [Wednesday], despite all the evidence that the law is  working the way it is supposed to for middle-class Americans, Republicans in the  House of Representatives voted for nearly the 40th time to dismantle it,” Obama  said.

“We’ve got a lot of important work to do,” Obama said. “Yet  instead, we are refighting these old battles. Sometimes I just try to figure out  why. Maybe they think it’s good politics. But part of our job here is to not  always think about politics.”

House GOP leaders seized on the Obama  administration’s surprise move last week  to delay the start of an employer  mandate to provide health  insurance or pay hefty fines. The White House rolled back the start from  2014 to 2015 to give businesses more time to comply with the law.

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