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… the #FreeKate Brigade Strikes again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 3rd,2013

.. i cannot put it any better than the original author can , so I will repost his original work …

[h/t — theothermccain]

Let’s ignore the ridiculous assertion that it is “cyberstalking” to report on a high-profile campaign that has sought to make an accused sex offender a cause célèbre of the gay-rights movement. Instead, let’s talk about Rachel’s claim that current Florida law, which makes it a felony for anyone 18 or older to have sex with anyone 15 or younger, is wrong, and that it would be a beneficial reform to change the law as she says.

Once a person reached their 14th birthday, they would be sexual “fair game” for anyone who was no more than 48 months older. The specificity of Rachel’s proposal, of course, most likely reflects a knowledge that Kaitlyn Hunt (born in August 1994) was 44 months older than her 14-year-old partner (born in April 1998). And so the proposal is to reform the law in just such a way as to legalize the acts for which Kaitlyn is being prosecuted. Convenient, eh?

What this would in effect mean, however, is that parents would have no legal authority for exercising restraint on their child’s sexual behavior once the child turned 14 — that is, as long as the teen’s partners weren’t more than 48 months older. Is that OK?

There are some states where the statutory age is 14 and probably most teenagers in those states don’t run rampant with orgies of promiscuity to celebrate their 14th birthdays. Perhaps there is some research that could give guidance on what (if any) influence on teenage sexual behavior is accomplished by differences in age-of-consent schemes. But that would be utterly irrelevant to the case at hand, wouldn’t it?

Whether Florida’s laws conform to some particular ideal is not at issue in the Kaitlyn Hunt case. Florida’s law regarding the age of consent has not been changed very recently. This is not a new and untested law, but one already well established, under which other offenders have been successfully prosecuted for acts no worse than those of which Kaitlyn Hunt is accused. In fact, prosecutors were willing to disregard what would appear to be Kate’s admission that she had violated this law, and instead have her plead guilty to a less offense in a deal that would have permitted her to avoid serving any time in prison.

The entire public controversy that the Hunt family and their supporters deliberately created — the fundamental cause of the “Free Kate” crusade — was her unwillingness to accept the offered plea bargain, and the insistence that prosecutors should treat her (admitted) felony as only a misdemeanor. This raises the question: “Why didn’t the prosecutors offer a misdemeanor plea?”

Aggravating Circumstances,” as I pointed out May 25, and I’m not going to repeat that argument here. You can debate the merits  of the law or the wisdom of the prosecutors until the cows come home, for all I care. If officials in Indian River County say that sex in a school toilet stall or a night of playing Spin the Dildo with a 14-year-old runaway should be treated as a felony, I’m willing to defer to their judgment — and I expect most responsible adults would, too.

(If any publisher wants me to write a book called 101 Freaky Fun Ideas You Shouldn’t Try in Indian River County, drop me an e-mail.)

Whether or not Florida’s laws are ideal is irrelevant to the question of whether they should be enforced. Personally, I don’t think it should be considered a “crime” to drive 110 mph on I-4 with an open can of beer between your knees, but the cops in Florida are such hateful bigots about these things that I usually try to avoid it. Also, when visiting Florida beaches, I always insist that females in bikinis provide a photo identification proving they are at least 18 years old before I’ll even look at their impressively pendulous breasts. But I digress . . .

My point is that these “Free Kate” people are crazy.

Never in my memory has anyone tried to make a civil-rights hero out of someone who admits diddling a 14-year-old, a precedent that might inspire rather amusing new arguments by any teenage boy who should in the future find that his ninth-grade girlfriend is reluctant to let him get past second base. (“Stop oppressing me, Heather! This is like Selma, and your panties are the Edmund Pettus Bridge!“)

The absurdity of the Jailbait Rights Movement — which is really what this whole “Free Kate” thing boils down to — could be laughed off as a joke were it not taken so seriously by Kaitlyn Hunt’s supporters that they are willing to denounce as homophobic bigots anyone who dares to criticize their arguments. Their grim humorlessness suggests a fanatical determination to overturn any law that stands between them and complete sexual anarchy, and their depraved cause has attracted a flock of gibbering lunatics to their disgraceful banner.

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