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… Earth to #FreeKate …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 2nd,2013

… give up , already .

.. You and your friends and allies sound like a bunch of paranoid nutjobs . You should give up the ghost , for god ‘ s sake .

[h/t — theothermccain]

.. About two weeks ago, I started hearing rumors of a meltdown inside the “Free Kate” universe. What seems to have happened is that Free_Kate_Meltdownthe Hunts and/or their lawyer became paranoid about their Facebook group, because things that were supposed to be private kept leaking out to the public (including me, of course). Kaitlyn Hunt’s family and their online supporters had become obsessed with “haters” (including me, of course) whose online activity they blamed for the waning support of their cause.

.. Failure and paranoia are necessary ingredients for an organizational meltdown, and it became one of those Hitler-in-the-bunker situations where the most loyal supporters of the cause were scapegoated.

.. When you invoke the principle of “Asking questions = Disloyalty,” you can expect bad things to happen. This toxic mixture of Fear and Loathing reached the combustible stage when administrators of the Facebook group were given a deadline to sign a confidentiality agreement and, reportedly, four of them quit in disgust, including Debi :



and now this … (also courtesy of theothermccain) …

.. our own daughter as well.”

(This argument — that Kaitlyn’s crime was “a family issue” that should not have been reported to law enforcement — supposes that Free_Kate_Meltdown_Motherthe Hunt family would have handled the situation responsibly. Such a supposition is at odds with everything we know about the Hunt family.)

.. “[W]e are talking about 2 young truly good girls here, that had no idea they were doing anything criminal or wrong. How anyone can spew such vile lies and hate toward an innocent 18 year old teenager is beyond me. Calling her a predator, I mean really?”

.. Notice her mother’s use of the phrase “innocent 18 year old teenager.” According to Kelley Hunt Smith, her daughter Kaitlyn is such a naive and unworldly youth that it is “a horrible misuse of power and the law” to hold her legally accountable for her actions. On the other hand — also according to Kelley Hunt Smith — a 14-year-old is mature and responsible enough that she can consent to sex without any concern that she is being wrongfully exploited.

.. This illogical nonsense is accompanied by still more blame-shifting: According to Kelley, the problem is not Kaitlyn Hunt’s actions, or the attempt to invalidate Florida’s age-of-consent laws, but rather people who “spew such vile lies and hate” about Kaitlyn Hunt.

.. Hey, lady: Nobody outside Indian River County ever heard of your daughter until you decided to make her a cause célèbre of the gay-rights movement — America’s Most Famous Sex Offender™ — instead of letting her plead guilty to a lesser offense and avoid jail.

LEC — especially when you participate in one of America ‘ s most infamous gay – pride parade ‘ s , that being New York ‘ s . Remember , your daughter is a sex offender , that she committed statutory rape , as well as sodomy , and is lucky to be in the U.S.of A. . In some countries , she would be ordered executed . In ours , she is celebrated with a media campaign … Yeech !! … Yuck !!



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