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… Give It a Little Time …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 26th,2013

… I want to give it a couple of days , maybe , before fully digesting the Supreme Court ‘ s actions over the last couple of days . And , Boy , it was quite a bit of action . Yea , the Fisher decision (racial preferences) was a bit of a surprise . The Shelby County decision (voting rights act — enforcement) was a dandy . It was a warm – up act for what came up next .

.. Next up came the two defence of marriage cases . No , it was not good . But , believe it or not , it could have been worse . Hollingsworth is headed back to California , and the brawling in court is going to start all over again . Contrary to public statements , gay marriages in California will not start up again . The judgement that might be entered in Hollingsworth may well be a default judgement . It only applies to the two people involved in the case , not anyone else . It should not take effect statewide . It also should make Governor Brown and the state officials look bad , because they are failing to do their jobs . Thosese referenda are the written laws and constitutional amendments of the State of Californaia , and they have a sworn duty to act to defend them , whether they like it , or not .

.. The end of June always seems to be crazy time on North Capitol Street . However , the other courts of our nation will continue . And , so will I .


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