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… It is Time to Tell the Truth , POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 25th,2013

.. The ObamaCrap White House keeps trying the line that the current spate of scandals are not scandals. The administration even tried the excuse that it is all a GOP witch hunt . H.R.C. on Benghazi tried, “What difference does it make?” POTUS

has insisted that he did not know or was not told about significant and unprecedented policies (e.g. surveilling reporters, creating a new criminal theory to punish reporting) . His chief spokesman has even tried the suggestion that it is a good thing for the president not to be told certain things (e.g. the IRS scandal) before he reads about it in the papers .

.. Are you Nuts ?!?!

.. The Boss is not going to know everything . God knows , the federal government is so goddamn big , it is impossible to know everything about everything that is going on . However , morally , as well as constitutionally , he is responsible . The military understands this , all to well , from the doctrine of “command responsibility.” Those people are presidential appointees or , they are career people at senior levels . He is responsible for them , and for their actions .

.. Throwing people “under the bus” certainly not the most senior figures responsible for a spasm of overreach , political witch-hunting and egregious incompetence. Firing underlings isn’t an effective strategy. It’s a start, but not the sort of advice the ObamaCrap White House should adopt with hopes this will all blow over in a month.

.. How about [these] steps?

[-] President Obama instructs everyone in his administration to grant full cooperation to Congress , inspectors general , and the FBI , in whatever investigations transpired . Senior officials would understand that it is not acceptable to take the Fifth.

[-] POTUS asks the State Department Accountability Review Board (already under scrutiny for its slap-dash job) to go back to work , and question Hillary Clinton and other senior officials , whom they did not bother to interview the first time on Benghazi.

[-] He offers his own staff to come clean on their roles in the IRS , MediaGate , and Benghazi scandals .

[-] Finding someone who might be responsible to fire . POTUS fires the AG for, among other things , failing to adhere to and make certain his department followed the practice of every other administration regarding the details of dealing with spying on reporters .

[-] He requests an independent prosecutor (not an independent counsel) to determine if he lied to Congress about the non-written recusal. He hires a respected, independent-minded AG .

[-] The president agrees to a clear-the-air press conference , with notice in advance to the news networks and the broadcast networks that it will be a looong one . He should be expected to answer all questions on Benghazi, the IRS, spying on reporters

[-] This presser should also be expected to deal with the HHS shakedown of the healthcare companies .

[-] He should offer an apology to members of the press who were surveilled . He should apologize to the press corpse , as a whole . He will not filibuster or impune the motives of those asking hard questions .

[-] The president then hires a senior & respected figure as chief of staff [ala Ronaldus Magnus] , who among other things , is directed to replace any member of the staff or the communications team who misled the media and the American people.

.. This administrations has , to say the least , acted in ways that enrage voters and citizens . Those actions embody the Chicago Way (reward your friends, destroy enemies, use the law as a weapon) . POTUS is going to have to try to break himself and his staff of these habits .

.. If he cannot break himself of the addiction to Chicago – style bare – knuckles brawling with political opponents , his presidency may well collapse. If he manages to rise above it , he might accomplish something in his second term .


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