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… Screw the (Illinois Gun) Bill , and Try Again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 16th,2013

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-pre...

History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are They ? Everyone thinks they might . But , Screw the F.O.I.D.

.. Illinois Legislature Set to End Concealed Carry Ban ..

.. the Illinois legislature has acted , but is it enough ? Will Governor Quinn sign the bill , or will he veto it ? Also , will the Federal Appeallate Circuit Court accept what they have done ? Is it enough ?

.. The Illinois legislature has complied with an appeals court ruling that their concealed carry ban was unconstitutional . Governor Quinn has not said whether he’ll sign the bill or not . It may not matter , though . The bill passed in the legislature with enough votes to override a veto.

.. The new law would allow the Illinois State Police to issue a carry permit to law-abiding Illinois residents who pass the required 16-hour training and pay a $150 fee (a shall – issue law ) . A gun owner must also have a state-issued Firearms Owner Identification card (FOID) to buy a gun in Illinois . Evidently , there have been a record number FOID applications each month, leading to a backlog as police try to process them all . Adding up the expense of buying a carry gun , the $10 FOID fee, the training classes , and $150 application fee , Valinda Rowe , of the group Illinois Carry, expressed concern that this law will deprive poor people from the ability to partake of their civil right of self – defense .

.. I agree . You have to pay , just to be able to have a firearm license . Being an adult , with legal ID , that should be id enough . Screw the FOID .

.. This bill is just to carry the gun outside of the home . In Illinois , right now , that is illegal . It was the cause of a huge legal fight . The result was a historic court decision , Moore v. Madigan , where the U.S. 7th Appeallate Circuit Court threw out the Illinois law . It then gave the state just six months to fix the issue .

Whether  they have done so , that is what is at dispute .

.. The decision may also affect the ability of the citizens of Illinois to carry their weapons on a concealed – carry basis . In Illinois , forget it . You cannot do it . Given current circumstances , especially in Chicago , It is this latter group of people who may need concealed carry the most. Despite inclement weather, Chicago gangs shot eight more people between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. According to BET:

Chicago’s murder rate is widely considered to be fueled by the drug wars that are fought between the city’s network of gangs. The homicide rate has been largely confined to the city’s south and west areas, African-American bastions of Chicago.

.. The new carry law is a step forward, but it nevertheless is a gun control law, controlling how and where law-abiding citizens can legally carry. It contains a clause saving Chicago’s “assault weapons” ban. It raises the financial bar for those who want to carry legally, maintaining the imbalance of power in favor of those who ignore laws.

.. Once again , gun control has been shown to be racist . The bad guys did not wait for a law to be passed before carrying concealed firearms . Blood is already running in the streets of Chicago , despite it having the strictest gun control laws in the country. Those suffering the most, poorer Blacks living in Chicago , risk being barred once again from their right to keep and bear arms.


— Update — since I finished this , this popped up on the Drudge Report . You expect people to go out on the streets , undefended , and try to deal with the bad guys , when you are unarmed , and they have the guns .

.. people have an inherent right to defend themselves . they obviously have a right to own guns . part of what makes us American is the right to defend ourselves . Especially when there is evil on the streets , evil that makes us feel unsafe .

.. People should have a reasonable right to concealed carry . No , do not turn the streets into the Wild West . But make the streets safer . Make sure that the good guys are armed . Also , provide for reasonable rules for concealed – carry for everyone . They should have to be trained and pass a course to have a weapon concealed . But , it should be allowed . Not banned .

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