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… Nice Going , POTUS , You Waited too Long …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 14th,2013

.. I am not convinced that the Obama administration has a plan for intervening in Syria, which apparently crossed President Barack Obama’s so-called red line by using the lethal nerve agent sarin against as many as 150 of its own people. Do not be

surprised if it is a great deal thousands more than that . Everything has changed . And because we did not intervene early in ‘11 and ‘12 al-Qaida has penetrated the opposition .

.. I am also not sure that whether the Obama administration plans to see the U.S. intervention in Syria through to the fall of Assad . What we have right now is a decision which on the humanitarian level and moral level if it is fine , but it is late . It is certainly not well prepared. Unlike the situation in Libya, he said , the Assad regime is part of an axis that includes Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah.

.. The ObamaCraps ‘ decision is a political act . I believe that it has been done with no strategic planning or thought . It was not done as part of a well – thought – out plan . What seems to be happening is a political decision in front of the international community , in front of the Syrian opposition and people that we are doing something . I fail to see the planning for the long – term results of today’s decision. So we are forced to support the principle , but at the same time question the plan . In simple english , what is the plan ?

.. It is my belief that the ObamaCraps are far from ready to confront the Iranians . Until they are , no one , and I repeat , no one will take them seriously .


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