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… What Happens to the Senate Seat in New Jersey ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 4th,2013

.. the appointment in almost every state , save Oregon , is made by the Governor . Which means Governor Chris Christie [R-NJ] . Which presents the state , and Christie ,   with an interesting situation …

when is the special election ..

.. likely 2014 . Normally , the next general election is the Governor ‘ s election , this fall . However , it is the next FEDERAL general

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ)

election to which this applies .So , who ever is appointed will not have to appear on a ballot for about 17 months .

Who makes the appointment ?

.. Christie .

How long does the new Senator serve ?

.. if there is more than two years left in the term , there is a special election held to fill out the remainder of the term . If there is less , then the appointee serves until the next general election for the seat .

Which is ? …

.. until the November election in 2014 , and once those results are certified . If the appointee does not run , the candidate who is elected immediately takes office .

Who ?

.. most likely , a Republican . Who knows ? I do not know New Jersey politics all that well , so a guess would be state Sen Thomas Kean , Jr (R) , the Lieutenant Governor  , Kim Guadagno , or state Senator Joe Kyrillos (R) , a recent GOP candidate for the other Senate Seat

against now discredited Dem Robert Menendez .

.. I have to admit , that it might be possible that Governor Christie just might appoint Newark mayor and (D) Cory Booker to the seat . The odds are not good , but it is possible . New Jersey is a light Blue state , but a Republican can win there , including conservatives , provided they run smart races , and are well – financed . One thing  about competing against Frankie Boy was that he was a hypocritical rich liberal . He derived much of his fortune from having helped found ADP , Inc . That , and the costs of dealing with the Dem machines in NJ counties , and also the New York City and Philadelphia media markets , make $$ a big necessity .


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