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… What were You Doing , Douggie ? Playing Tiddly Winks ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 31st,2013

.. When you visit the White House , it is usually for good reason . Short of being employed there (which is itself an honour) , when you are asked to come there , it is usually once or twice in a lifetime .  Sometimes more , if you are on the frequent tourist plan (ha!ha!) . Even people who work there (the West Wing) do , or should , think that it is a privilege to be there , much less to work there .

.. Even higher – ups in the government do no visit the White House all that often . In his predecessor ‘ s time . Mark Everson only visited the House (as it is often called) once . ONCE !

.. Considering the role that the Infernal Service is set to play in ObamaCrapCare(O.C.C.) , one can understand a somewhat higher frequency of visits by senior people at the I.R.S. . The knuckleheads in the West Wing and the DemoCraps needed to know a lot to plan and set for implementation of O.C.C. . That would also include strategy , planning , strategic info , and other stuff the Administration needed .

.. But the I.R.S. Commissioner . 118 times ? 157 times ? GET REAL , FOLKS !!!!  It smells to high heaven . And , you can bet that it was not to play tiddly winks , either !


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