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..No Way that This Stuff is Tolerated …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 30th,2013

.. I am amazed at the stuff that the ObamaCrap Administration has been trying to get

away with . You would have thought that they would have studied previous White House

playbooks , and talked to other people . It at least would have given them ideas on

what NOT to do  . but NOOOOO . We are ObamaCrats . We are superior to them . We walk on

water . We are better than them .

.. Yeah , riiiggghhht ! Guess what , Dummies ? Those Mistakes have been made before .

This time , you idiots have made them , and new versions of old ones . Some real honeys

, to be sure . Abusing opponents with the I.R.S. is a moldy oldy . But , going after

the media . Making FoxNewsChannel sympathetic ! Waaay to go , you stupid fools .

.. Nice Going . You are likely going to do damage to Dems in the Senate . Most likely ,

any chance of gaining the House are now gone . More likely , the DummyCrats are going

to lose seats in both chambers . Maybe even the Senate , if things keep going . DuuuH


.. Any other White House (even the Clintonoids) , and these idiots would be out the

door . In a dignified manner , yes , but they would be gone . It is incredible that the

ObamaCraps are that arrogant . But , they are , and that is going to cause incalculable

political and financial damage to them . Stupid !!!!


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