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… Thomas Perez must be Stopped !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 20th,2013

..  I feel very strongly in this case . This man is patently unqualified to be in public service , or to hold any office of trust or profit in our country . Unfortunately , the Senate committee handling his nomination has voted it out , along party lines , sending it to the full United States Senate for confirmation . Why he merits this step , I will never understand .

.. in an ideal world , people like Thomas Perez would be out on the street . Unfortunately , we do not live in one . He is currently in a high position in Mr Obama ‘ s Department of Injustice , and now has been nominated for another as the Secretary of Labour . Now , it is the GOP’s turn to act , and act forcefully . ..

.. Normally , he should be fired , and kicked to the curb . Republicans in the U.S. Senate and like – minded Dems should stand up for principle , as well as for solid grounds , and completely block Perez ‘ s nomination . ..

[-] refusal to enforce the law on equal grounds — either we are all equal under the

law , or we are not . We are , and the law should be enforced thusly ,

[-] private e – mail accounts are for private business , not government business .

Especially with FOIA laws , use of them is an act to evade FOIA disclosure . What kind

of skullduggery has been going on ? ,

[-] failure to tell the truth , under oath — numerous times , especially when refusing

to comply with  congressional subpoenas ,  and

[-] Senate prerogatives — presidential gross misuse and abuse of power , regarding the

National Labour Relations Board . Allowing Perez to serve would aid and abet the

Obamacraps in their misconduct , and willful flouting of the law .

= = [added] = =

[-] gaming the system in the case Magner v Gallagher , for the preservation of a faulty

legal theory (disparate impact) , by playing around with legal cases , the Supreme

Court ‘ s docket , and the legal system , as a whole .

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