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… you made it , you own it (ObamaCrapCare) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 12th,2013

.. You may wonder why I call the health care bill , ObamaCrapCare . Considering how much of a disaster that the implementation of the bill has been , so far . What do you think ??

.. One of the easiest reforms that Congress could and should pass is cutting loose the health insurance industry to compete , nationwide . Considering how much fat is in the industry , it could use a swift kick in the pants . It can still make healthy profits , and trim the expenses out of the system . And , if possible , minimize the mandates . The more the mandates you put in the system , the more expensive an insurance policy can tend to get . DUH !!

.. Also , try to understand some of the basics of economics when you go back at it . The laws of supply and demand would be a good place to start . Also , the Law of Unintended Consequences is an oldie , but a goodie . Remember it ,  the next time you dummies try to construct something Rube Goldberg out of something that already works , but only needs reform .

.. Paying attention to human nature would also help . The profit motive , even profiting from saving money on intelligent use of health care spending , would be very helpful .

.. You cannot control costs , without people being sensitive to those costs . If you do not do so , then the results will warp demand , and , ironically , drive up costs .

.. Which is exactly what we are getting now .


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