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… Why Obama ‘ s Second Term is a Bomb ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 11th,2013

[-] same old , same old political script , ready for the veiled counterpunch .

English: Barack Obama Deutsch: Barack Obama

… who do you think it is ?!?! …

[-] same old , same old message — get a jump , and go over on to the attack .
[-] the great American fib – a – thon on the Sequester .
[-] Obama wound up ratifying all but a sliver of the Bush tax cuts.
[-] Operation Punish the Public blew up in his face
[-] the Democrats are realizing that his attraction is not lasting for the Democratic Party , and will have massive damage with voting blocks , over time .
[-] You-know-who lost on gun control.
[-] His national-security flops on Benghazi, North Korea, Syria and more still
plague him while his secretary of defense is uninspiring and his secretary of
state is gaffe-prone. Obama gave lovely speeches after the Boston bombing, but
scrutiny is now being focused on potential lapses by the FBI and/or CIA.
[-] The economy remains anemic .
[-] Max Baucus has a big mouth
[-] A large group of Senate Democrats have announced retirement , rather than
face the music in 2014.
[-] His presidency has helped induce a wave of George W. Bush nostalgia . and There
is a long, long way to go before Obama leaves office.


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