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… Israel Steps Up , While POTUS Wimps Out …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 6th,2013

.. Well , the news has gotten out . And how . With a bang .

.. To be sure , Binyamin Netanyahu does not mess around . Other parties , especially Israel ‘ s enemies , would be sure to understand that . to wit , Israeli forces have carried out an airstrike against a shipment of sophisticated missiles bound for the Lebanese political and military organization Hezbollah, officials in Washington , Lebanon and Israel told reporters Saturday … Lebanese authorities and

bibi netanyahu

bibi netanyahu

residents had already reported unusually intense Israeli overflights during the previous 48 hours , suggesting the warplanes may have struck their target from Lebanese airspace.” Israeli planes struck again on Sunday outside Damascus.

.. Big shock . Not that Lebanon or Hizbullah can do anything about it . If they were to even try to lock on with their fire – control radar , much less actually try to make use of it , Israel will cut loose with the fullest measure of its retaliatory capability . Any country surrounding Israel knows this . Turkey knows this . Does Iran understand this ? Oh , does the Obama Administration ?

.. So much for the suggestion by critics of stronger U.S. action that Syria’s anti – aircraft system is formidable . It seems someone in the Israeli government took a not –  too – subtle swipe at the Obama administration ’ s equivocating on Bashar al – Assad’s use of chemical weapons  . “Israeli officials described the  missiles targeted in the Friday strike as ‘game-changing’ weapons, according to the Associated Press. They said they were not chemical weapons, but advanced, long-range , ground-to-ground missiles . ”

.. Translation : When Israel draws a red line, it means it . When the ObamaCraps draw a red line , they do not mean it .   .. Not only does the Israeli action contrast with the U.S. government’s wusieness , but it also raises the issue of whether anyone would prefer that Israel police the Middle East .

.. It is unbecoming of a superpower to stand by , and allow little Israel take on the Iranian surrogates. It will likely unnerve our allies elsewhere . It will also embolden foes in other parts of the world.

.. Many nations in the world do not like an assertive United States . It makes them nervous . It makes the U.S. somewhat unpredictable . However , it is better to be feared , than to be weak . The only thing that the nations of the world hate more is a U.S. administration that is weak .

.. These days , Assad and his senior partners in Tehran should feel rather confident . The United States is obviously unwilling to back up

... the first wus ...

… the first wus …

its rhetoric with action . Syria is likely a dress rehearsal  for the bigger conflict between Iran and the West . There , too , one suspects , Israel will be forced to act , sooner or later .

.. For what Israeli prime minister could rely on this administration to act? If Obama wil not take on Syria, there is little chance he’ll make good on his threats to Iran.


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