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… it is not the “How we do It , ” it is the Final Product that is the Problem …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 4th,2013

.. Folks still do not like ObamaCrapCare , and even POTUS ‘ handling of health care in general .

.. the rotten approval ratings may well reflect the sense that voters have that Obama doesn’t comprehend how many problems have shown up and how disruptive ObamaCrapCare already has been .

.. Among those flaws are the spike in insurance rates , the impact on the national debt ,  the shifts to part – time work (business ‘ coping with the added costs of OCC) , along with the slow rate of new job creation . Adding to it is the uncertainty created among employers about them dumping their own insurance plans , thus dumping employees into the “exchanges . ”

.. It does not even begin to take account for the impact of Medicaid expansion is going to have on state budgets , which is likely to be substantial . Also , the impact that taxes on upper income taxpayers is going to have on the economy , in general , and on economic investment , in particular . Not to mention the ongoing warfare on religious faith via the HHS mandate on birth control and abortion – inducing drugs .   .. Obama’s health care law was designed to expand access to the uninsured. It is  noble goal , if not a smart political priority. In order to win support for the law , POTUS claimed it would lower costs , improve the quality of care , and not force anyone off their current health care plan . Wrong on all three counts . Rates are soarding , the quality of care is steadily declining , and greatly increasing numbers of people are being forced off of their employer ‘ s health plans .

.. The Democrats are on the verge of a major panic attack . Currently , they are worried about the implementation . They should be much more worried , as should we all , about  the end product . The GOP is on the attack , exposing the bad results , but they need to move . They have to move on further on the offensive , and explain how the OCC plan is itself entirely unworkable .

.. Also , they should bring attention to the benefits (and the risks) of a market – based health insurance reform plan . People more be leery of it . But ,  they may be much more willing to listen , with the complete mess that OCC turned out to be .

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