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… Syria is a huge dilemma for Obama …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 3rd,2013

.. Syria is a huge problem for POTUS , and for the ObamaCraps . It is telling that Democrats and Republicans view the president as getting “trapped” on Syria. It is evident that he desires to remain weak , and not acting at all . The likelyhood is is he will still fudge, delay and hedge, choosing minor steps over any level of meaningful action.

.. When you draw a line , you have to be sure of what you are doing . Both in mind and in spirit . If that line is crossed , you have to ready , willing , and able to take action . And , make sure that any other potential party knows that . Any sign of weakness , or perceived weakness , will make your own action meaningless , and without form or reason .

.. Even worse, Bashar al-Assad seems to be openly defying the president in a show of contempt for the Obama administration. If the rebel report is true, it is a nightmare scenario for the Obama administration. Both parties on Thursday warned that the administration’s cautious approach to confirming evidence of a chemical attack may end up emboldening Assad. In the past year, Assad has used scud missiles and fixed-wing aircraft to attack civilian areas, an escalation from his initial response to the Syrian uprising in 2011.

.. Eli Lake writes , in a piece for the Daily Beast , that “When you have the Israelis, the French, the British and even some of our Arab friends saying this happened, I don’t know what the White House is really waiting for.” The answer is, the White House is looking for ways not to act.

.. If it is one ‘ s perceived interest to act , then act . Do not screw around , or  more than your intended target will read a message from it . Pyongyang and Tehran willtake notice. This president will never act until absolutely forced to do so .


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