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… Are You Kidding Me ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 9th,2013

… are you kidding me ?!?!

.. according to the Weekly Standard , the Department of Treasury approved the  license for Jay – Z and Beyonce ‘ s junket trip to Cuba ? ..

.. Approved ?!?!

.. Yes . Approved .

.. See the ruckus for yourself ..


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… the Good Guys need the Guns , Greg …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 8th,2013

.. See , Greg Sargent writes the Plum Line at the Washington Post . Yea , I know , it is a liberal blog / rag , but it is rich in material to tee off on against the forces of the radical left . Who better to pick on than one of them . Hey , y ‘ a gotta see what the enemy is up to in order to better deal with them ..

.. In this instance , it is dealing with the Gun issue . Yea , you bet it is current . Dingy Harry and his crowd want to bring forth a gun grab bill to the U S Senate floor sometime soon . And Sargeant and his ilk are trying to help pave the way ..

.. Well , let us remind him : …

[-] Criminals break the Law ..

[-] the Rest of Us Obey the Law ..

[-] those of Us who choose to do so have a right to defend ourselves . Preferrably , with a gun ..

[-] Those gun grab bills will affect the good guys , not the bad guys , dummies ..

[-] enforce the current laws , and weed out the failed one(s) ,

[-] ‘ nuff said ..

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… Believe you me , the Catholics are not the only Ones …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 8th,2013

… Believe you me , the Catholics are not the only Ones …

.. I have heard of many groups called religious extremists . the KKK , for example ,

has nothing to do with religion , and everything to do with bigotry and hatred . But ..

[-] Christians , in general ,

[-] evangelical christianity ?

[-] orthodox judaism ?

[-] Roman Catholics , in particular .

.. The Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services is raising questions about anofficial US Army Reserve Equal Opportunity presentation on “Extremism and Extremist Organizations.” Have a look at page 10 of the 33 page briefing.    .. The slide is about “neo-Nazi” and other militia groups. The photo in the corner, though, is a photo of members of MS-13, a notorious and violent gang engaged in the cross-border drug and human smuggling trade. The best that can be said is that it is about a photo of a gang accompanying material about militias .

They tend to be very insular , and seldom engage in international drug operations , and that is evidence of very sloppy scholarship . ..    .. But this particular presentation gets worse. Have a look at its loose definition of “supremacist” on page 7 , and the groups included with the obvious on page 24 …

.. This statement was released by the Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services

[AMS] as a result of the disclosure of these training materials by Alliance Defending

Freedom …


AMS Calls on U.S. Defense Department to Review Army Reserve Training Material  for Anti-Religious Content

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE          04/04/2013                    AMS Calls on U.S. Defense Department to Review Army Reserve Training     Material for Anti-Religious Content                    Concern raised by brief citing Catholicism as example of “religious     extremism”                    WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) issued the     following statement today on the mischaracterization of  “Catholicism” as an     example of “religious extremism” on slide #24 of this U.S. Army Reserve     training brief:                    Statement                    The Archdiocese for the Military Services and Chaplain Alliance for     Religious Liberty recently became aware of a U.S. Army Reserve Equal     Opportunity training brief that expressly listed “Catholicism,” “Evangelical     Christianity” and other religious groups as examples of “religious     extremism” alongside groups such as “Al Qaeda”, “Hamas” and the “KKK.”

The Archdiocese is astounded that Catholics were listed alongside groups     that are, by their very mission and nature, violent and extremist.                    According to an investigation and reply from the Army Chief of Chaplains     office, the training in question appears to have been an isolated incident     not condoned by the Department of the Army. The Archdiocese and the Chaplain     Alliance explained that the Army can and should take steps to prevent such     incidents in the future.

The Archdiocese calls upon the Department of Defense to review these     materials and to ensure that tax-payer funds are never again used to present     blatantly anti-religious material to the men and women in uniform.                    -30-                    ————                    The AMS was created as an independent archdiocese by Pope John Paul II in     1985 as the only Catholic jurisdiction responsible for endorsing and     granting faculties for priests to serve as chaplains in the U.S. military     and VA Medical Centers.          AMS-endorsed priests serve at more than 220 U.S. military installations in     29 countries, making the AMS the nation’s only global archdiocese.     AMS-endorsed chaplains also serve at 153 VA Medical Centers throughout the     U.S.          The AMS service population also includes American Catholic civilians working     for the federal government in 134 countries, but currently, due to limited     resources, the AMS cannot adequately serve this population.          Worldwide, an estimated 1.8 million Catholics depend on the AMS to meet     their spiritual and sacramental needs.          For more information on the Archdiocese for the Military Services, visit, the only official Web site for Catholics in the military     and for the Cause of Father Vincent Capodanno, M.M.

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… What were they Thinking (treasonous witch Kathy Boudin) ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 7th,2013

… What were They Thinking (Treasonous Witch Kathy Boudin)

.. Katherine Boudin is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University . She
is also a committed and confessed communist, a Weather Underground radical, a
convicted terrorist, and a paroled felon . ..abcd (ayers,boudin,clark,dohrn)

.. Whatever you’ve heard about Boudin , the reality is so much worse . ..

.. The story of Kathy Boudin ’ s crimes and her victims is bloody and ugly .
Many details usually get left out , even by her critics . There is a wider
importance to Boudin ’ s story : it is yet another example of how the left uses

America’s most respected universities as both a breeding ground and a retirement
home for radicals ; a way to give violent ideological criminals both legitimacy
and a university paycheck , often at taxpayers ‘ expense ..

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… It is about time …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 7th,2013

… It would be about time …

.. I did some reviewing , and came across the Mccain – Feingold bill . Russ Feingold is , thankfully , no longer in the US Senate , but John McCain , thankfully , still is a sitting senator ..

.. the problem is , though , this disgusting creation . It attacks the freedom of speech of candidates and individuals , and makes it far more difficult for political parties to try to control their message , and attempt to  control their candidates . At least , with soft money , and parties ‘ more effective control of it , the candidates just might be forced to be more effective team players . I agree with [Jen Rubin], and that the McCain – Feingold campaign finance act should be repealed ..

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… Diana on Guns [Duh!!] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 7th,2013

… y ‘ all saw her make a colossal idiot of herself the other day online  , now you can see her for yourself …

… Diana , on video …

.. courtesy of ..       her public idiocy ..

.. [via FoxNewsChannel ‘ s “Fox and Friends“]

.. the difference between a magazine and a clip..

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… the Brawl is only Beginning …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 7th,2013

… the Brawl is only Beginning …

.. Well , Stockton , CA , has done it . It has filed for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

protection under the Code . That is no secret . After a trial , the Bankruptcy
Court judge has now formally accepted the petition . That was a big surprise .

.. Municipal Entities , not just cities , in CA have to have the state ‘ s
permission , and follow a mediation process , in order to gain permission to
file . This judge ‘ s decision on the petition means that the U.S. Bankruptcy
Code overrides the proceedures in CA state law , and the CA constitution ..

.. Wither the Pensions ..

.. The potential constitutional question in the Stockton case is whether federal

bankruptcy law trumps a California law that says money owed to the state pension fund

must be paid . ..

.. The far more complicated question is whether priorities for unsecured claims
created under state law – particularly regarding obligors that are themselves

governmental units – can trump the distribution mechanisms of the U.S. Bankruptcy
Code , and the Code’s underlying purpose of providing similar treatment for similarly

situated creditors. Calpers will argue that the preference under California law for

public employee pension obligations is protected under the Tenth Amendment. San

Bernardino’s bond investors will argue that the Bankruptcy Code expressly sets forth

the priority of certain types of unsecured claims, that no other unsecured claims are

entitled to more favorable treatment, and that California law regarding public employee

pension obligations is pre-empted by the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution . ..

.. Eventually , these questions will have to be answered . One whole hell of a lot of

litigation will ensue , first , no doubt , i am sure ..

.. I believe that Calpers is going to have to come to the table . They will have no

choice . As much as CA wants to protect their public employee pensions , the citizens

of our fair land have a right to see that bankruptcy reorganizations (incl. those for

cities , and possibly states) are carried out in a fair and orderly manner . It means

those overly generous pensions will have to be renegotiated ..

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… What must these two have been thinking ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

… What were these two knucleheads thinking ? And in Cuba , no less …

.. from Juan Tamayo of the Miami Herald ..

Dozens of Cubans crowded around R&B diva Beyoncé and husband-rapper Jay-Z as they toured Old Havana on Thursday after celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary with island staples like daiquiris, and rice and black beans.

“People outside were desperate to see them and we had to call security, we had to call the police,” said La Guarida restaurant waitress Vivian Aimerich, who helped serve the superstars during their anniversary dinner Wednesday night.

The couple drew even bigger crowds Thursday as they strolled the streets of Old Havana like any other tourists, with Beyoncé wearing a short summer dress and big sunglasses and Jay-Z smoking a cigar and wearing a straw hat, shorts, and sneakers . ..

..Beyonce and Sonia: A tale of two black women in Cuba

… i am hoping that this is o.k. . I will post the link back to it , at  . the link is here .

BabaluBlog Alberto de la Cruz, on April 6, 2013, at 9:31 am

This is a tale of two black women in Cuba… One a victim of apartheid in Cuba, the other a beneficiary of apartheid in Cuba.

The first is Sonia Garro, born and raised in Cuba. She is currently residing in a Castro prison for the crime of demanding respect for human rights and the freedom to express her views. After being violently arrested, she and her husband (who is also black) have been held for more than a year by the Castro dictatorship without charges and without a trial. The world for the most part does not know who she is and there has been little to no outcry for the injustice she is suffering.Sonia Garro Alfonso foto Hablemos Press


The second black woman is Beyonce Carter, an American music superstar born and raised in the United States. She is currently vacationing in Cuba with her husband, music mogul Jay-Z, as VIP guests of the apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family. She is enjoying the luxuries offered in Cuba only to foreigners, which is staffed by the slaves owned by the Cuban regime, the majority of which are Afro Cubans. The world has been enthralled by the stories and pictures coming out of Cuba of her and her husband strolling the beyonce-jay-z-cuba-havanastreets of Havana accompanied by bodyguards and handlers from the Castro dictatorship. For the most part, there has been little to no outcry over their incredibly insensitive and idiotic decision to vacation in Cuba and provide support and publicity for a racist regime that would have imprisoned her and her outspoken husband if they had the misfortune of being born in Cuba .


Now imagine how a black Cuban woman like Sonia Garro must feel after hearing that a prominent and influential black American woman has visited her country and instead of advocating for and demanding her release and the end of the apartheid system in Cuba, she is instead partying with regime officials and enjoying amenities not only built and maintained by enslaved blacks in Cuba, but denied to them as well.


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… Pam Geller is worthy of our support !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

English: Photo of Pamela Geller

English: Photo of Pamela Geller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


.. for those who do not know , Pamela Geller is a pro – liberty activist , not an anti – islam activist , or an anti – gay activist . She has worked tirelessly to alert so many people to the dangers that various groups present to our freedoms and liberties .  She has worked endlessly to raise funds and to advertise her causes , taking many chances with her own freedom and safety . As a result , she has come under assault countless numbers of times ..

.. Now , perhaps , she is taking on one of her toughest audiences . She is trying to bring awareness to the gay and lesbian communities of greater San Francisco about the dangers of radical Islam . I am no fan of the LGBT community , but they are in great danger from those true believers of Islam , for homosexuality in Islam is a mortal sin  , punishable by death .

.. On April 2, Salon magazine carried a column by Chris Stedman accusing Pamela Geller of trying to drive a wedge between gays and Muslims. To do this, Stedman depicts Geller as a desperate, anti-Muslim zealot who is loathed by the gay community ..

.. The problem : Geller is neither anti-Muslim nor without her supporters in the gay community. But these are facts that appear to have eluded Stedman . So that you can evaluated his column for youself , here is his aforementioned [column]

.. and here is an [article] from the San Francisco Examiner , showing the local

reaction to Pam ‘ s activities ..   

.. and [this] is an example from Long Island , NY (Nassau County) , where a public

official misused his office in order to get a speech of hers canceled ..

.. Please visit her website , how and when you can . Its name is Atlas Shrugged . Its

web address is

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… Beware of Uncle “Hot Mike” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

.. Politicians and public figures have no end of trouble remembering that when they are in public , they should be very , very careful of what they say . Especially when   Uncle “Hot Mike” Crophone is in town . What they say these days has a habit of going viral , rapidly , and , with the ‘net , these days , it is forever ..

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… Be Careful What You Wish For …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

.. Countries with nukes are dangerous enough . North Korea having nukes is even worse . Sonny Boy [Kim Jong Un ] having nukes is incredibly dangerous . And our President ‘ s own White House thinks that it would even remotely be a good thing for North Korea , in this environment , to launch a missile ??? Duh !?!?! …

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… Real Stupid Idea …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 4th,2013

… Making credit more available to those of average ability is not a bad thing . Making it far more available to those of less than stellar credit is a bad thing . Doing it with Fannie Mae (ie taxpayer) support to guarantee the mortages is a very bad thing …

… Even worse is to use Fannie Mae et al. as a funnel to send taxpayers’ money from the U.S. Treasury (via its borrowing capacity) to Fannie Mae , and then from Fannie Mae , in effect , to the banks . It is also illegal . Congress ‘ intent was never to use Treasury ‘ s borrowing capacity in such a way to subsidize such sub-prime not so credit worthy potential customers …

… the easiest ways to get the market to revive and work :

[-] bring the needed credit score(s) to qualify for a mortgage down from “earth orbit,” and allow other folks a decent chance to qualify . What the ObamaCraps want is to send things plunging thru the floor , again , ..

[-] get off the banks ‘ back , in term of oversight and regulation , and allow them to do what they do best , make loans and take deposits , ..

[-] bring our national debt and budget under control . It would help available credit for banks to not have to invest in treasury securities all the time . they may be low risk , but it is not their job . the credit should be going elsewhere , ..

[-] privatize Fannie & Freddie & the FHA , and get their hands out of the government till . the true cost of the banks’ bailout is not yet known , because of the immense spending on the Fannies …


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…Danger , thy name is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 4th,2013

… miscalculation …

… the North Koreans specialize in bluster and stupidity . However , my chief concern is what “who is in power”  in Pyongyang thinks of our

North Korea Kim Jong-un

North Korea Kim Jong-un (Photo credit: Wander Dorneles Mariano)

National Command Authority [Obama] , and how he might react in a crisis . the First Wus is no sharp tack or smart guy or cool customer in international affairs , and he has to deal with a power structure that is hard to fathom , and difficult to figure out . Wary one should be to deal with a strange owl , and more so with a wimp …

… Wars have gotten started that way . World War I got started that way …

… At a time like this , firmness of policy and strength of resolve , and better yet , a solid reputation are worth their weight in gold , and our First Wus does not have it . At all …

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… are We destined for a Human Rights Act ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 3rd,2013

… are we destined for a “Human Rights Act?” …

.. at the rate that the radical left is going , they will not settle at  the legalization of “gay marriage.” they will keep pushing , pushing , pushing , seeking to deligitimize Christians and Christianity , taking away people ‘ s God –

given human rights and Constitutional Rights , under the cloak of “Human Rights,” such

as they have done in Canada ..

.. Canada does have constitutional protections for its citizens . It is called the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms . It evidently did not stop the passage of the Canada Human Rights Act , or the establishment of the Canada Human Rights Cmsn . The Cmsn is a

vehicle for radical leftists to wage “political war , ” Alinsky – style , on their perceived and actual opponents ..

.. Do we really want something like that here , or that kind of crap stripping away

our rights here in the U.S. ? I say hell , NO ! ..

n America, this pressure will take the form of “discriminatory” churches losing

government grants, permits, and participation in programs . It will be the death of

religious freedom by a thousand little cuts here and there : canceled speeches of

religious figures at state universities, lost HHS grants, the refusal of city

governments to recognize churches that don’t permit gay marriages, “hate crime”

legislation that extends to opposition to gay marriage, and so on. All of this will

have the effect of pressuring churches into blessing gay marriages .  .   While he can’t determine the sacraments for religions, Obama will try and marginalize those religions that don’t determine the sacraments in a manner he

considers “nondiscriminatory.”   The goal of the gay-marriage juggernaut is to make Christians pariahs, as irrelevant to

public life as racists. It doesn’t have to pass a Denmark-style law to force churches

to conduct gay marriages; it can achieve the same end through punitive political

correctness.   The gay-marriage juggernaut only speeds up at the sight of such gestures, seeing civil

marriage as just one stop on a longer road to a secularist state in which religion in

general and the Catholic Church in particular fall silent and compliant out of fear if

not law.   … such as this hate – filled rant by John Becker at the Huffington Post

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… gee , what part of Plain English do you not understand ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 3rd,2013

.. the p.c. crowd at the Antichrist Press really takes the cake . They cannot stand ,and have taken out of their professional stylebook (their “bible”) the term “illegal immigrant” …

.. they are emigrated here , and they have done so against the law . What part of Illegal do you dummies not understand …

.. See what I mean below ..

… from the Washington Post , April 3rd , 2013 …

AP drops ‘illegal immigrant’ from Stylebook

Rachel Weiner, Updated: April 2, 2013

The Associated Press has dropped the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its stylebook, a

victory for immigrant advocates who argue that the term is biased against the people it

describes.   “The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or the use of ‘illegal’

to describe a person,” a blog post from AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll explains.

“Instead, it tells users that ‘illegal’ should describe only an action, such as living

in or immigrating to a country illegally.”

The move, Carroll writes, is part of a broader shift away from labeling people and

towards labeling behavior — for example, referring to people “diagnosed with

schizophrenia” instead of “schizophrenics.”   The AP has previously rejected the term “undocumented immigrants,” favored by some

pro-reform activists, as inaccurate. Many people in the country illegally have

documents, just not the right ones.   The influential AP Stylebook is used by newspapers and schools around the country. The

shift is a coup for immigration reform advocates who argue that the term is unfair.   The argument against the term “illegal immigrants” is that human beings are not

themselves illegal, their actions are. Advocates say that to label a person as

“illegal” for one crime stigmatizes those hoping to gain American citizenship, many of

whom came to the country as children.   Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters last week that she didn’t

”really get caught up in the vocabulary wars.”   “They are immigrants who are here illegally, that’s an illegal immigrant,” she said.   The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, a group of 27 House Democrats, touted the AP’s

decision as a “great move forward.”   Journalist-turned-activist Jose Antonio Vargas is among those who have pressured media

organizations to drop the term “illegal immigrant.” President Obama and immigration

reform advocates in the Senate have preferred the term “undocumented,” while opponents

of reform often emphasize the term “illegal.”   “The Associated Press got this right, no human being is illegal,” Vargas said Tuesday.

“Now it’s time for other news outlets to follow the AP’s lead and end it for good.”   So if they’re not illegal or undocumented, how should one refer to the 11 million

people in the country illegally? The AP calls for detail: “Specify wherever possible

how someone entered the country illegally and from where. Crossed the border?

Overstayed a visa? What nationality?” Jonathan Rosa, a linguistic anthropologist at the

University of Massachusetts, told NPR recently that he opts for the more concise

”unauthorized migrant.”

… here is their excuse :

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… from a news report that I looked at [White House crybabies] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 3rd,2013

… from a news report that caught my eye …

Obama Senior Adviser Complains That The Drudge Report ‘Hurts What We’re Trying To Do’

Brett LoGiurato [BI] |Apr. 3rd , 2013

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Wednesday that the prominent Drudge Report

website “hurts” the White House’s message because of its dominating effect on the news

cycle.   Pfeiffer said that he was “ambivalent” to what Matt Drudge links to on his website, but

he lamented that the site led to a “Pavlovian response” from reporters.   “Anyone saying anything can get caught up in the spin cycle in a way that is very

damaging,” Pfeiffer said at a Politico Playbook breakfast with Mike Allen. “It hurts

what we’re trying to do, but then it is very damaging to that individual person.”   Pfeiffer said that he’ll often be approached by reporters who say they have a question

strictly because “it’s on Drudge.”   “What do you say to that?” Allen asked him.   “I sort of ask them to repeat themselves — say that to themselves out loud again and

think about it,” Pfeiffer said. “And everyone’s always a little embarrassed about it

and says, ‘My boss — my assignment editor’s on me about this.'”

… to that , I say , goo , goo , ga , ga , waaaaah !!

p.s. .. here , see the video for yourself …

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… but , this is worse …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 2nd,2013

… this is a post of POTUS ‘ proclamation of Cesar Chavez Day … on March 31st , 2013 … Easter Sunday , for Christ ‘ s sake … Exactly ! …

Presidential Proclamation–Cesar Chavez Day


Our Nation’s story of progress is rich with profound struggle and great sacrifice, marked by the selfless acts and fearless leadership of remarkable Americans.  A true champion for justice, Cesar Chavez advocated for and won many of the rights and benefits we now enjoy, and his spirit lives on in the hands and hearts of working women and men today.  As we celebrate the anniversary of his birth, we honor Cesar Chavez’s lasting victories for American workers and his noble methods in achieving them.

Raised in the fields of Arizona and California, Cesar Chavez faced hardship and injustice from a young age.  At the time, farm workers toiled in the shadows of society, vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.  Families like Chavez’s were impoverished; exposed to hazardous working conditions and dangerous pesticides; and often denied clean drinking water, toilets, and other basic necessities.

Cesar Chavez saw the need for change and made a courageous choice to work to improve the lives of his fellow farm workers.  Through boycotts and fasts, he led others on a path of nonviolence conceived in careful study of the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi and Mahatma Gandhi, and in the powerful example of Martin Luther King, Jr.  He became a community organizer and began his lifelong advocacy to protect and empower people.  With quiet leadership and a powerful voice, Cesar founded the United Farm Workers (UFW) with Dolores Huerta, launching one of our Nation’s most inspiring social movements.

Cesar Chavez’s legacy provides lessons from which all Americans can learn.  One person can change the course of a nation and improve the lives of countless individuals.  Cesar once said, “Non-violence is not inaction. . . . Non-violence is hard work.  It is the willingness to sacrifice.  It is the patience to win.”  From his inspiring accomplishments, we have learned that social justice takes action, selflessness, and commitment.  As we face the challenges of our day, let us do so with the hope and determination of Cesar Chavez, echoing the words that were his rallying cry and that continue to inspire so many today, “Sí, se puede” – “Yes, we can.”

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31 of each year as Cesar Chavez Day.

I call upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate service, community, and educational programs to honor Cesar Chavez’s enduring legacy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.


… and just a 117 word statement for Easter ?!?! …

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… the Cesar Chavez Doodle was bad enough …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 2nd,2013

… ‘ nuff  said …cesarchavez googledoodle

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… guys , you are not …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 2nd,2013

… Royalty ! …

.. It seems that their “royal highnesses” Mohammad Morsi & Mohammad Abbas are getting into the habits of their predecessors . They are prosecuting , er persecuting their “countrymen” on charges of “insult”. Wonderful ..

.. The “Arab Spring” was supposed to represent freerer speech and responsible actions ,  not another round of dictators ..

At least one of the complaints originated from the Muslim Brotherhood. It was filed by Brotherhood lawyer Mohamed Abou el-Enein who said Youssef used his show to “offend symbols of the nation such as President Mohamed Morsi.”   Hours before he complied with the summons, Youssef in a phone interview with a television station rejected the allegation that he had insulted Islam.   “If there is anyone who has insulted religion it is those who use Islam as a weapon for political reasons,” the Al-Ahram daily quoted him as saying.   Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei called the actions against the satirist “pathetic efforts to smother dissent and intimidate media,” usually only seen in fascist regimes.

During a debate hosted by the American University in Cairo last February, Youssef said  anyone who does not follow the Islamists’ version of Islam is demonized.   In response to a question from the audience about where he saw Egypt heading in the next five years, he replied, “I certainly don’t know, nobody has the crystal ball. But let’s have fun while going there!”   Many Islamists do not share his sense of humor, however. Some have held protests  outside private television channels viewed as critical of Morsi, and last January Islamist lawyers tried to bring a lawsuit against Youssef for “undermining the standing of the president.” That complaint did not reach

Lese-majeste laws – outlawing acts that insult a sovereign – are in place in several Arab and European countries, including Jordan, Kuwait, Denmark and Norway.

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… It is called basic Economics , Dummies ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 2nd,2013

.. I read a fascinating column by Michael Barone (the Washington Examiner) earlier today , and it goes over the differences between passenger rail and freight rail in our fair land .. guess what the verdict was ?? ..

.. As you might expect , passenger rail flunks . Royally . Which makes me wonder . Why does not private passenger rate re – start ? Especially attached to regular routes run by freight trains ? Well , maybe not . But , these geniuses could and should find a way to spin off Amtrak . What a mess ! ..

.. As a difference , freight rail has been deregulated , faces stiff competition , by multiple modes of transportation , it co – operates with these same modes , makes oodles of money , and invests beaucoup $$ in capital upgrades , every year ..

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