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… the Good Guys need the Guns , Greg …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 8th,2013

.. See , Greg Sargent writes the Plum Line at the Washington Post . Yea , I know , it is a liberal blog / rag , but it is rich in material to tee off on against the forces of the radical left . Who better to pick on than one of them . Hey , y ‘ a gotta see what the enemy is up to in order to better deal with them ..

.. In this instance , it is dealing with the Gun issue . Yea , you bet it is current . Dingy Harry and his crowd want to bring forth a gun grab bill to the U S Senate floor sometime soon . And Sargeant and his ilk are trying to help pave the way ..

.. Well , let us remind him : …

[-] Criminals break the Law ..

[-] the Rest of Us Obey the Law ..

[-] those of Us who choose to do so have a right to defend ourselves . Preferrably , with a gun ..

[-] Those gun grab bills will affect the good guys , not the bad guys , dummies ..

[-] enforce the current laws , and weed out the failed one(s) ,

[-] ‘ nuff said ..


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