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… Pam Geller is worthy of our support !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 6th,2013

English: Photo of Pamela Geller

English: Photo of Pamela Geller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


.. for those who do not know , Pamela Geller is a pro – liberty activist , not an anti – islam activist , or an anti – gay activist . She has worked tirelessly to alert so many people to the dangers that various groups present to our freedoms and liberties .  She has worked endlessly to raise funds and to advertise her causes , taking many chances with her own freedom and safety . As a result , she has come under assault countless numbers of times ..

.. Now , perhaps , she is taking on one of her toughest audiences . She is trying to bring awareness to the gay and lesbian communities of greater San Francisco about the dangers of radical Islam . I am no fan of the LGBT community , but they are in great danger from those true believers of Islam , for homosexuality in Islam is a mortal sin  , punishable by death .

.. On April 2, Salon magazine carried a column by Chris Stedman accusing Pamela Geller of trying to drive a wedge between gays and Muslims. To do this, Stedman depicts Geller as a desperate, anti-Muslim zealot who is loathed by the gay community ..

.. The problem : Geller is neither anti-Muslim nor without her supporters in the gay community. But these are facts that appear to have eluded Stedman . So that you can evaluated his column for youself , here is his aforementioned [column]

.. and here is an [article] from the San Francisco Examiner , showing the local

reaction to Pam ‘ s activities ..   

.. and [this] is an example from Long Island , NY (Nassau County) , where a public

official misused his office in order to get a speech of hers canceled ..

.. Please visit her website , how and when you can . Its name is Atlas Shrugged . Its

web address is

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