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… Those Knuckleheads have struck Again !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 6th,2012

… Yea , Those Knuckleheads have struck again…

… Yea , I am talking about the New Black Panther Party, god in heaven help us all …

the New Black Panthers Strike Again !!

… Today is Election Day , and those idiots are in a Philadelphia county polling place . For those who are the uninitiated , Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania is where the city of Philadelphia is located …

… those numskulls entered into a consent agreement with the ObamaCrap Department of Injustice almost two years ago . It was done in order to beat foot on the response of the House Dems to the complaints of the House GOP , with the impending likely blowout at the midterm elections in 2010 almost at hand . Unfortunately , the consent agreement that was entered into was a real “limp noodle.” These goons were using guns at the entrance to several polling places , and the DofiJ enters into a consent agreement, with no criminal charges at all ?

                                                                                           Outrageous !!!!


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