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… VP Debate (pregame)

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 12th,2012

Official portrait of Congressman .

Rep. Paul Ryan [R – Ws]

for Paul Ryan :… gracious national introduction … he has not been on the national stage before this campaign . and he may well become our next Vice President . People should understand not only who he is , but what makes him tick , and how he thinks , and how he acts …

… comfort under fire … being out there on the debate stage is being under some serious grade A pressure . before people  cast their vote(s) for the Romney – Ryan ticket , they want to see both how Mr.  Romney is under pressure (they have already) , and how Congressman Ryan is in public under the kleig lights (as he will be tonight) …

… balance argument(s) with explanation(s) {wonkiness} … people want to hear explanation(s) , without hearing obvious soundbite(s) . Many folks I talk to have grown wise to soundbite(s) and talking point(s) . They want to hear genuine explanation(s) . That Paul Ryan , however , specializes , in …

… expect attack(s) parry & counter … after last week ‘ s disaster , Biden has to come out on the attack . Ryan will know that , and expect it , and be ready to act to counter it . This is where Biden is most vulnerable . If he is not very careful , Ryan could nail him with counterpunches and zingers …

for Joseph Biden :

… present a credible performance … Biden is known for being a buffoon . He is knowledgable and somewhat reasonable . He needs to bring that forward .

… stop the bleeding … Biden is under pressure . POTUS bombed last week , and he has to do better . Will he ?

Joe Biden, U.S. Senator from Delaware.

Vice – President Foot in Mouth

… do not stick foot in mouth … Biden also has a reputation for sticking his foot in his mouth . He can be reasonable and personable , but not look , act , or sound like an idiot . He has been the Great American Gaffe Machine during this campaign . for him , it has to stop .

… present one’s attacks without seeming mean … he will be on the attack . however , he cannot look , act , or sound mean or nasty . It will be a big turnoff to voters if he is …





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