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… it is a Barforama …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 10th,2012

Official photo of John McCain.

… hey , but keep it coming , folks …

… you could have expected some of this already . Mitch McConnell ‘ s victory in his Supreme Court case a number of years ago helped take some of the teeth out of McCain – Feingold , but the Citizens United decision in January of 2010 basically took most , but not all ,  of the rest of them out of it …

… the Super Pacs are doing a dandy job of driving us all nuts . I thought that , for me , 2009 was rough . Ohio had a campaign to legalize casino gambling (which won) , and the two sides spent about $35 million each . Ouch ! And i thought that campaign was obnoxious . Well , that one was a piker , in comparison to this one . the Obama and Romney campaigns are on track to raise about $1 billion each . Wow ! …

… Well , it is ” Everybody and their Sister Sue” time on the campaign trail . All sorts of candidates are advertising now on the t.v.s and radios here in Northeast Ohio , and it is only October 9 . It is only going to  get worse . Much worse . and they have every constitutional and First Amendment right to do it …

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