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… apparantly , Chavez cheated …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 10th,2012

… what else is new ?!?! …

…well , Hugo Chavez “won” re – election , although the folks who conducted exit polls (not many, though) figured out that Chavez lost to his challenger . His opponent , Henrique Capriles , a former state governor , more than likely won the race …

… God willing , Capriles will still be around for a long time . Thankfully , Chavez will not . From the news reports , Chavez still has cancer . For all the efforts of the Cuban (not Venezuelans) to act to cure it , Chavez has not  been cured . So , more than likely , Chavez ‘ s lemmings will have one hell of a succession battle once Hugo assumes “room temperature” …

… those lemmings will try to rule as a dictatorship , but there will likely not be the economic , financial , or military support to do so . it will force a military coup ,  and eventually fully free post – Chavez elections , getting rid of the Bolivarian scum …

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