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… on the first debate — Mitt Romney …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 8th,2012

… facts — A … the candidate was prepared , to me , evidently ,well prepared . He did not seem to be reciting talking points , unlike  his opponent . He had command of his ideas , and presented them in a well – connected manner … He did not seem to be a marionette , being controlled by a campaign adviser , by the preparation and programming …

Mitt Romney

… style — A + …  Romney  started out on the attack , and remained on the attack most of the evening . He seemed confortable in the hall , and with the task at hand …

… presentation — A

… Overall Grade — A — Romney was outstanding . He was in clear command throughout the night , and was rarely unconfortable during the event . He set his position well for the coming Presidential debate , which will be in a  Townhall – style format…

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