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… if the Dems are Smart …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 8th,2012

…  they should muzzle Vice President Foot – in – Mouth …

two gaffes in one week

two gaffes in one week

… Joe Biden has really managed to stick his foot in it , now …… and , even better , with the VP debate coming up … …  one is the quote about raising taxes , no matter who it is on … no matter  who you talk about , you do not shootoff your mouth about it , no matter what ……. and Biden did it about the wealthy . Doesn’ t he understand that something like that can be cut apart into anad ,  and hammered away on , relentlessly ? … DUH !! … … the other  doozy is about the middle class being ” crushed .”  Even simpler , and made to order for a ad … … and both in the space of 3 days …

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