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… Grading the First Debate — Barack Obama …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 8th,2012

… on Barack Obama …

… on the Facts …  D + the President was very , very weak on the facts . talking points are very , very obvious , and very numerous . they are too easy to see coming . at least , Mr. President , come up with a fresh approach ,  and a fresh package …  and some new material …

… on Style … F … Give one ‘s opponent the dignity and respect that one is due on this stage . Cut out the smirks , and do not stare down , unless  it is for good reason , such  as taking notes . In addition , POTUS , you were in a debate hall , not a law school lecture hall

…  on Presentation … D – … one still needs to inform in a debate , and even to entertain , even a little …

… overall grade — D –

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