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… there is an Added Problem with the Mandate ….

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 17th,2012

… it is something that i have never heard spoken about , or debated about , on radio , on TV , or in the blogosphere …

… the individual mandate is a ” bill of attainder . ”

… a what ? …

… for those who do not know our Constitution , it is a provision of our learned document (Article 1 , Section 9) . It is an act of a legislature , in this case , Congress , that is meant to punish a person , or , a group of person , without the judgement of a judicial proceeding …

{wikipedia} def of attainder –> meaning taintedness

… in simple , the Mandate , acting as a penalty , is , i believe , a Bill of Attainder , and should have been thrown out on the spot by the courts , definitely by the U. S. Supreme Court …


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