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… the Constitutional Court

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 16th,2012

… no , folks , not our U S Supreme Court …

… the German Constitutional Court .

… whatever may happen in Europe will likely start in Germany with their highest court . Why ? a number of their constitutional law professors have challenged the bailouts , as well as the mechanisms that the national governments have been using . and the demand keeps growing . and , they do need Germany , with its deep pockets …

… however , they may not have it . If their court says no , in full , or in part , Germany will effectively be out of the bailout business . I think that this court may well say no , at least in part …

… in Germany , especially , given its recent history (who can forget ,  and no one should) , they need to stick to their rule of law more than anyone , and avoid legal finesse …

… but , the consequences for Germany , Europe , the EU , and for everyone else may be telling ….

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